We plan to heavily focus on digital solutions to provide time-relevant customer experience

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Majorel came into being in January 2019 when Bertelsmann and Saham joined hands to create a leading customer service organization with revenues of €1.2 billion. Majorel brings together Arvato CRM Solutions, Phone Group, ECCO Outsourcing and Pioneers Outsourcing making it a global customer experience leader with 500+ global clients Spread across 28 countries, Majorel’s 48,000 employees share the same values and we capitalize on our joint expertise, experience, and resources to give our clients the most efficient, effective and enjoyable outsourcing experience.

We talked to Mr. Aditya Kashyap, India CEO, Majorel about its global presence and how they are helping brands create a single customer view.

What are the new consumer behavior in the eCommerce platforms, can you mention a few highlights.

More informed, more connected and more demanding than ever before, for today’s shoppers the customer experience is everything. Millennials, in their mid-twenties to the early thirties, now make up about 32 percent of the world’s population. This is the first generation of digital natives to come of age and they are quickly becoming one of the most influential consumer groups. This generation has become accustomed to instant gratification and wants instant service on a device of their choice. Moreover, with the Internet offering a whole new world of choice for consumers, brand loyalty is increasingly eroding, while products are becoming commoditized.

How Majorel is playing a key role for its customers to gain from their solutions

While there are multiple service outsourcers, Majorel is differentiated by its global presence and its experience of working with the top e-commerce companies across the world. With the right combination of people and technology, Majorel offers service on behalf of the brands of today and tomorrow.

Majorel believes that effective data management is at the center of a successful approach for customer service. Majorel helps brands create a ‘single customer view’. This means being able to collate and aggregate customer information from multiple different sources and channels and present it in a single, easy-to-use format. With this information available, customer service agents can start to provide accurate and flexible service customers expect, whether it’s responding effectively and quickly to complaints or enquiries, or helping them make purchases.

For our clients, we just don’t deliver service on their behalf but we work in partnership by understanding a company’s business inside and out, bringing industry knowledge, proven processes and best practices to the table.

How Indian consumers have evolved and what are the future trend you can forecast in India.

India is the fastest growing e-commerce market which is expected to touch $200 Bn USD by 2026. But despite the rapid growth, online retail penetration in India stands at only 5%. This leaves a huge potential for growth. As the penetration of e-commerce widens, and as online retail reaches the tier2, tier3, and rural clusters, it will require a totally new approach to customer service which involves a good amount of hand holding. The customers will also expect to be served in their local languages during the shopping as well as after the purchase.

Our plan is to create a customer experience leader which helps clients with end-to-end CX management from customer acquisition to retention. We plan to heavily focus on digital solutions to provide time-relevant customer experience. The future of customer service is highly dependent on AI and automation and you will see us focussing a lot on these two capabilities this year.

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