Portronics Launches 6 Port USB Charging Station


Continuing its surge in providing innovative solutions for a better managed lifestyle, Portronics proudly presents its revolutionary 6 Port USB Home Charger, the Portronics 6 Port USB Charging Station is the perfect solution to instantly add high speed with 6 USB charging ports to any standard AC outlet without depending on your computer.

Multitudes of gadgets have become our daily survival need, but managing their cables and connectors is a nightmare of its own kind! The6 Port USB Home charger is an amazing stride towards giving you a single platform to charge up to five devices simultaneously and that too with a single cable connect to any standard AC output. This charging port allows you to charge 3 Tablets and 3 other devices like Smartphone, Bluetooth headset, Mp3 player etc. at the same time. The 6 Port Home charger provided charging at a great speed since it supports maximum 6A of total output.
No more worrying about depending on your computer alone for USB charging, with the USB Charging Port you save time and money versus charging off of your computer.

With size being so compact that it takes the space of a coffee mug on your work station and a design and finish that is world class, the USB Charging Station is your ultimate solution for charging! No more looking for multiple AC sockets to charge multiple devices, just one small device on your table will do it all.

Charges 3 Tablets and 3 other digital devices like Phones, Cameras, Mp3 players, etc.
Power input: 110-240 V, 60 Hz and 6 A, Power output: 5V, 6A, Clamping Voltage: 300V, Built in circuit protection,  Auto Shut off protection > 6A.
6 port USB home charger  is available with a price of Rs.999