Sandisk Dual 16GB Review


sandisk30-5-14By Jayanta Ghosh

These days we use our smartphones and tablets more than our desktop and we often face an issue of storing our valuable files, pictures, songs and videos in our handheld devices and if you are a power user then very frequently you run out of space in these devices.  So we always wish to have a pendrive like option for our smartphones and tablest so that we can store or relocate our valuable data. As more and more smartphones these days being introduced with limited internal storage and no expansion slots for memory cards, Dual pen drives come very handy and is a must-have external storage accessory if you are using an Android smartphone or tablet or with your laptop and desktops as well SanDisk  one of the well-known manufacturers of storage devices, recently introduced a dual USB pen drive in the market. Feature: The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB drive is a simple pen drive, about same standard size of an average pen drive. The best part is that it has now with a dual connectivity option, both sides of the pen drive are equipped with USB ports, while one is a regular type A plug while the other side has a micro USB plug. The USB type A side is meant for regular PC or laptop use, while the micro USB side is an OTG enabled interface, which can be plugged into any OTG-compliant smartphone. The USB connectors on both ends are provided with a slide-in sleeve, which also covers the ports when not in use. The chassis is built using a strong and sturdy polycarbonate with a textured exterior to enhance the grip, and a small provision for a lanyard is available on one side Usability: The SanDisk Ultra Dual pen drive is equipped with the OTG feature so it eliminates the need for a data cable or USB OTG cable in order to copy data. Another key thing you have to notice that the micro USB side is an OTG enabled interface, which can be plugged into any OTG-compliant smartphone. Very easy to use this pen-drive all you need to do is plug in the pen drive into your phone’s charging / data cable slot, install the SanDisk utility or any file browsing app from the Google Play and copy your data around. You can then share your data across OTG-compliant tablets and smartphones, or PCs and laptops to your handheld with great ease. Alternatively, you can carry along your additional data, music, videos or photos on the pen drive and access them when you need it. The SanDisk Ultra Dual is a USB 2.0 storage drive and available in three variants—16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. The 16 GB variant is available for Rs 1,199, 32 GB is for Rs 1,649, and the 64 GB drive is for Rs 2,875.

Pros: Flexibility, built, design Cons: OTG-compliant mini USB Mobility Rating: 7/10

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