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smartgroup_cp-singhSmart Group is a technology-focused company headed by C.P. Singh who is its Founder & Chief Mentor. Singh has over 2 decades experience in handling IT hardware and software. Smart Group owns many portals, for example portal was built by Smart Group.  Around 3 years back, they started working in the automation space which involved bringing digital technology to devices. Initially the work involved basic things like home automation. While working on home automation, they got the feedback that for many customers main concern was security and they wanted good security solutions. Moreover they also want solutions that areeconomical, hassle freeand easy to use.
And there has been a great concern over security for women especially during the last one year. These developments drove Smart Group to innovate a security platform which is mobile-based and through which people can reach out to the nearest available emergency services, and reduce risk and panic.
Here Smart Group shares three (out of many) real life incidents from different states where Smart24x7 Mobile App had helped users in real time.

Alert received on Date Jan 29, 2014
Alert received Time: 5:48:23 AM
Abhishek (name changed), who lives in Assam, used Smart24x7 app to send alert to Fire Departments when he encountered an unexpected emergency in his Shopwhere there was fire during the wee hours of (at 5.30 am) so he was in urgent need of fire services. He had already installed Smart24x7 Application in his mobile phone. He pressed “Panic Button” and got connected to number 101, Fire station, immediately. He was able to explain his situation and the FireServices department responded immediately and the fire was put off on time.According to Abhishek, “There was fire in our cloth shop.With the help of Smart24x7 App, we were able to receive immediate services with the fire trucks reaching our shop in the next 30 minutes. People close to the fire accident were quickly evacuated. There was some loss of property, but major loss was averted. The best part is we could also inform our relatives that there was no loss of life and property loss was minimized.” That is how the “Panic Button” got him close the fire agencies and ultimately his shop and people present closeby were rescued in time.

Alert received Date: March 22, 2014
Alert received Time: 9:03:31
Sujit (name changed), who is a resident of Surat, Gujarat, used Smart24x7 mobile app to send alerts to ambulance department when he saw an accident on the road. Sujit pressed the panic button and asked for ambulance services to assist aperson who met with an accident and broke his leg. Within half an hour anambulance reached the victim and he was taken to the hospital. After half an hour Smart team received confirmation from Sujit that the victim had received the ambulance service and he was taken to hospital.This is a great example how people can help others by just pressing the button.

Alert received Date: Oct 5, 2014
Alert received Time: 3.30 pm
Ranjan(name changed), resident of Rewa Madhya Pradesh, used Smart24x7 Mobile Application to send alerts to Fire Department when he saw fire in the nearby transformer and two shops gutted due to fire.  Ranjan pressed the panic button in order to help others. After 20 minutes, when Smart24x7 team called him to know whether people had received Fire service or not, he confirmed that they received the fire services in time and the situation was controlled soon.
Smart Group felt proud that their Smart24x7 Application was able to help users who had raised alerts from Assam, Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh at the time of need and got the required help.

What is Smart 24x7Mobile App and how it works?
Smart 24×7 Mobile App enables user to immediately connect to his nearestpolice, fire or ambulance service. This is what makes Smart 24×7 different from other security apps.
For example, if someone presses the panic button, his/her phone automatically dials Police, Fire or Ambulance. For instance, if you press the Panic button, it will ask you first if this is for yourself or for others. On the Home page of the App, panic button is the prominent one and the remaining buttons are for people to interact with near and dear ones for routine alerts like “Will be late to reach home.”

Cost of Smart 24×7 Mobile App solution: Monthly Rs 100; Quarterly Rs 240;Half yearly Rs 380; and Yearly Rs 600.

Free vs Paid App:Users get assistance from Smart 24×7 agents all the time. For free version, which is only for the first 30 days, the number of primary contacts is limited to 2 and for paid version the number of contacts is 5. User’s location is traced for one day in case ofthe free version and 30 days in case of the paid version.
The Smart 24×7 Mobile App is supported by Gurgaon police, Amritsar police, Jalandhar Police and Jammu Police.
Call center response is very prompt.

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