Taiwan Excellence Awardee Companies Showcase Future PCB Innovation at Online Press Conference


Taiwan Excellence held the ‘Taiwan Excellence PCB Equipment’ Online Press Conference with the aim to familiarize global buyers with Taiwanese PCB equipment. Taiwan Excellence is an international campaign to promote Taiwan’s superior products. The e-conference saw four of Taiwan’s most well-known PCB equipment companies showcase their advanced solutions for upgrading the PCB processes by importing digitalization and automation, to create a flexible production line, and realize “small amount, large variety” production. The brands include iconic names like C Sun, Aurotek, ATMA, and SAA.

With the rapid development of advanced technologies, the electronics industry is under the spotlight again. The world is in hope of developing its local industries with the help of electronics industry. And, PCB manufacturing is the foundation. Taiwan, well known for its PCB manufacturing process, is globally recognized by the precision machinery technique and manufacturing experiences. In order to satisfy clients’ needs, Taiwan comes up with solutions to PCB production by assembling high-end and flexible production line, and plays a vital role in leading the tech to the next step.

Speaking about the conference, Mr. Walter Yeh, President & CEO, TAITRA, said, “Taiwan has rich experiences and mature techniques in PCB processes, and precise machineries production skills, which are advantages of Taiwan’s PCB equipment makers. Along with the development of new technologies such as 5G, the demands of PCB keep growing, and drives the demands of PCB equipment.” 

Mr. Guann-Jyh Lee, Deputy Director General, Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA said, “After more than 50 years development, Taiwan’s PCB industry has set up a mature and complete supply chain, which includes PCB equipment. In response to the trend that global industries import Industry 4.0, Taiwan PCB equipment makers submit smart solutions, and help customers set up energy-saving and eco-friendly PCB production lines. For countries and companies intend to develop PCB manufacturing industries, Taiwan PCB equipment would be the best partner.