Taiwan Excellence Brands to Launch Video Conferencing, Distance Learning Classroom, On-Job Training Solutions in India


The international COVID-19 pandemic has created a great demand for remote learning solutions as never before. Taiwan Excellence brands (TE) see a great opportunity for these solutions in the coming months in India. In an online press conference, the leading TE brands offering remote video conferencing/education appliance & solutions etc briefed the media about their solutions and market strategies for the coming months in the Indian market.

The conference was addressed by Mr. Simon Wang, Executive Vice President, TAITRA and the senior management representatives of the leading TE brands like AVER, BXB, CYBERLINK, DELTA and GEMTEK which are into offering cutting-edge solutions related to on-job training, video conferencing solutions, Work From Home solutions, classroom technologies for distance learning, etc. These brands have unveiled several most modern technologies for Future-Ready-Work Place. The strategies of these brands are aimed to take the India-Taiwan trade relations to new levels.

In order to encourage manufacturers in Taiwan to improve the quality, design, and image of their products so as to boost their competitiveness in the international market, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Taiwan) established the ‘Taiwan Excellence’ logo in 1992 and launched the selection of ‘Taiwan Excellence’ products starting from 1993. Products that have been chosen in the selection process would not only receive the recognition as a Taiwan Excellence Product but also join the ranks of other outstanding Taiwanese products in various promotional events to cultivate the international market.