The emergence of style and need for digital stylists

By Mr. Teja Gudluru CEO & Founder, UDo

Fashion maybe based on the moment but style is eternal”- Coco Chanel

What can be a better way to bring up the essence of style than through the iconic maven, Coco Chanel! Although Chanel has become the biggest signifier of how fashion has been eroded into it’s current plastic form, Coco’s belief on style has found a greater connect amongst connoisseurs and trend setters alike. It is certainly true that style has succeeded in setting itself apart from its toxic twin fashion as the origins remains distinctive. While style is a knowing knowledge of what suits a particular being as an extension of his or her personality, fashion is a blind, faceless following of mass produced ideas of beauty. The truth is, fashion sets to conform while style helps in standing out and the evolution of style has created a platform for itself to speak up.

Style has always run at the forefront, with practicality in mind. Those stripper heels that stars and fashionist as sport is the dictation of fashion, style is donning stilettos at a cocktail party- everything is plausible, depending upon the occasion. It is this practicality that has elevated it’s position to that of a regular feature in any person’s daily functions.  In fact, in this day and age, occasional styling has become a harrowing part of the daily discourse that one remains apprehensive in partaking. Let’s be realistic here, styling oneself according to the requirements of the occasion has become difficult- we are bombarded by options which makes it difficult for us to pick and choose. Here, an assistant would come of much use.

Stylists- personal or professional help us look the best for any event. They come aboard with a great knowledge on body types and nuances of occasional dressing to provide the best assistance to make us shine. Yet, personal stylists are often known to have a steep asking price and hence come synonymous with affluence and expense. Fortunately for us, this is the era of digital styling, with most of the traditional platforms giving away to modern age amenities, personal styling has also garnered a new-aged daughter in the form of personal styling app. Those who have always dreamt of availing the facilities of a personal assistant, without the clause of shelling out half of their earnings can go to these platforms for instant guidance for the ultimate look.

 Mavericks at advice, UDo, has set forth to simplify this herculean task. For those unaware, UDo is a one-stop-app for any advice one would need, including fashion. Here, one can connect to an actual fashion enthusiast to talk about trends, brands that fulfil your requirements. Alongside, if you are a fashion enthusiast, you can sign up as a fashion expert and make passive income by helping and advising others. The beauty of UDo lies in its flexibility and simplicity- it can be a saviour for that cousin’s wedding, without going helter-skelter for lack of options.

Here are a few salient features of the app:

1) When you go to a store and are confused about various brands, you don’t have to waste time looking around every brand as you can call UDo’s in-house experts and they will help you go to the right brand

2) If you are cluttered with thousands of ‘Discount’ or ‘Sale’ messages and lost, you can avail the help of UDo buddies, to set you out of the unnecessary clamour.

3)Need help in Image management? Want to look dapper? Get consultation on what to wear and what not to, in any occasion

4) Preparing for an interview? Get tips on power dressing based on the field of work

5) Get additional discounts and offers for using the app

You can find a friend who is ready to see you through the tricky ropes of dressing through the app. So don’t wait, find a friend in the pocket- through UDo!

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