Toreto Twins: Review


By Jayanta Ghosh

Pair and enjoy  ROOM FULL OF SOUND

Brand Toreto  known for its power solutions, gadgets and accessories recently  introduces it new bluetooth portable speakers, “Twins”. The key highlight of these speakers are that you can pair two speakers with your device to get true left and right stereo separation or use both the speakers separately as individual units. Twins is compatible with all Apple devices, Smart phones, PC’s and MP3 players.

Looks and feature:
The speakers are not at all an eyecatcher, but desigened in a very basic and practical style. On the back side of the speaker you will get a  Aux Input Jack , Function Indicates LED, Micro USB Charge Jack and a  Power ON/OFF switch on  the top . The front of the speakers are very basic mesh style and  only teo bottons on the front top of  Volume-/Previous Sound and Volume+/Next Sound. On the top of the speaker you will get a Handfree/Play/Pause Button.

Setup :
For pairing the Speakers For Stereo use, first you have to slide the power switch at the back of both speakers to on. Then both speaker will give a beeping sound. The blue LED light will flash quickly, then you have to press the button on top of both speakers and keep pressed until the  LED starts flashing slower. The speakers will give a few beeps to indicate  the speakers are paired with each other. This will take about 30 sec.

To pair both speakers with your mobile device, turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device. Usually you can find this on your phone or tablet in the  settings, then  press on just one (left) of the speakers again the phone button until the  led starts flashing fast. On your phone or tablet you will see now TBS-305, press connect on your mobile device, after connecting the LED on the speaker will stop flashing on one speaker, the other speaker LED with flash slowly. The speakers are paired with your  mobile device. But you need to do this set up ones. After pairing the speakers will be automatically paired the next time you switch on.

Once we paired this twins with our mobile device, it gives a definite improvement over smartphone, tablet, or even many laptop speakers. The Twins are small and portable, perfect for people who want to listen to music on the go, but don’t necessarily need wired stuff. They also expand to give a better bass response. Light enough for the Twins to move easily around your desktop, or from the living room to the kitchen, or even outdoors to a balcony. The speakers’ sweet spot is mid-range audio, but if you increase the volume to max the  end result was noise and scratchiness on any bass-intensive track. Toreto Twins have certainly got range, during testing, we didn’t notice any drops in playback until our smartphone was about 40 feet away from the speakers, the rechargeable batteries will last through approximatly around 4-5 hours of medium-volume playback and 3 to 4 hours of high-volume listening. You can also attend and make calls with you bluetooth mobile phone. Inside the box you get a rechargeable Portable Speaker 2 Pcs -3.5mm audio cable -Micro USB Charging cable -User guide

Price: Rs. 6999/-
Pros: Compact, easy pairing, good sound quality
Cons: Price is bit high, design is not that great

Key Features:

  • Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery (800mA*2)
  • With Bluetooth which can play  with all mobile or computer which had Bluetooth device
  • Automatic Bluetooth pairing function
  • Hands free function for easy talk
  • Voice prompts function
  • USB charging
  • Digital amplifier & LED indicator
  • Volume up and down control
  • 3.5mm jack plug for MP3,mobile, computer etc
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