U&i Launches ‘Dhamaka Scheme’ for Partners in its Neckband Segment

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U&i, one of the leading mobile accessories and consumer electronics brands, has come up with Dhamaka scheme for its neckband segment. The scheme started on 1st June provides value for money and involves an array of free gifts (speakers, umbrella, electric iron, travel bag, laptop bag) against the purchase of neckbands.  

For Mission Series, any partner who buys 10 neckbands, he gets an umbrella free; for Shooter Series, any partner who buys 10 neckbands, he gets a lightweight dry electric iron; for Possible Series, if a partner buys 10 neckbands, he gets sling bag free. While in another option, if a partner buys 20 neckbands, then he or she gets a travel bag free; and if the partner goes in for the purchase of 10 neckbands, then he can get a laptop bag free .

All the above purchases would lead to value-for-money as for every purchase, one will definitely get a gift be it a speaker, umbrella, electric iron, travel bag or laptop bag. If one buys goods worth Rs 2500, he or she gets a gift worth Rs 600 to Rs 1500, which is indeed worthy. 

Paresh Vij, Founder, and Director, U&i
Mr. Paresh Vij, Founder & Director of U&i

Regarding the scheme, Mr. Paresh Vij, Founder & Director of U&i, shares, “We keep on coming up with different schemes on an ongoing basis to keep the partners motivated so that the partners would put in their best efforts to sell the products and promote the brand. This scheme is to motivate the partners. U&i always gives quality products with the latest technology at affordable prices. The aim of this promotion scheme is to motivate partners and we already received an overwhelming response in the last few weeks – since June 1. We expect this spirit from partners to continue. We will continue this scheme for a few more months with variation only in the products and the related offerings.”

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