VingaJoy SP – 6400 SOUND FIT Wireless Karaoke Party Speaker – A Perfect Amalgamation of Design and Quality

VingaJoy SP - 6400 SOUND FIT Wireless Karaoke Party Speaker

With SOUND FIT wireless Karaokeparty speaker, the VingaJoy’s SP-6400 is equipped with a 3meter cable, which lets users stream their favorite playlist without any hassles. The 16 watts high-power output party speaker comes with a microphone to get the party started instantly. There are dynamic LED lighting on the front and flashing DJ lights. This speaker with RGB LED lights at the top contains five color modes and simple controls. 

Along with Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker is equipped with inbuilt FM radio, a USB, and TF Card slot so that you can tune in to your favorite radio channel whenever you want or could choose your playlist to set the mood of the party. A portable, wireless speaker, such as the VingaJoy sound fit is high bass wireless speaker, can brighten up any gathering. The V5.0 version of sound fit comes with an LED display that is capable of displaying time, outdoor temperature, and even timers. The LED display also has a light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness so you can see the time day or night.