Vodafone Business Services Launches Program Focusing on Medium Sized Businesses


Vodafone Business Services (VBS), the enterprise arm of Vodafone India, announced the launch of three key initiatives to catalyse the growth of Indian businesses, specifically focusing on Medium Sized Businesses that are between INR. 50 crores and INR 500 crores in annual turnover. These initiatives leverage the latest advances in technology led communication and will enable businesses increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer responsiveness.

According to several estimates, the overall improvement in the economic environment should result in real GDP growth of over 5% this fiscal year. The Medium Enterprise segment forms the core of Indian industry. A faster growing Medium Enterprise segment will help accelerate the Indian economy into its next phase of growth, helping achieving even higher real GDP growth in next fiscal year and beyond.

Announcing the launch of these new Medium Sized Enterprise focused initiatives, Naveen Chopra, Director, Vodafone Business Services, Vodafone India Ltd. said, “As a total communication solution provider, we partner with enterprise clients to make them more agile and future ready. The three initiatives being launched today – Ready for the Big League, Business Readiness Scorecard and Ready Business are synergised to effectively manage rapid growth challenges – catering to evolving needs of customers, enhancing operational efficiencies and building a more connected and productive workforce.”