Wego.com’s free travel app simplifies travel bookings

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Wego.com, has released a free simple and effective travel app for android and iOS. As a convenient extension of the popular travel search platform, the app instantly provides mobile users with hundreds of airfare options and hotel rates in 20 languages.

Wego simplifies the uneven world of online travel options by gathering all available airfares and hotel rates on one app to provide travellers with unbiased and channel neutral prices in real time from local and international hotels, airlines and online travel providers.

The app features easy, gestured navigation, advanced filtering and sorting options, clear and concise images along with a highly optimised logic for lower data and battery consumption. It also offers the convenient option to email travel search results to a friend or yourself for subsequent booking at a later time. In addition the iOS app indicates which hotels feature a mobile-friendly site.

“Sometimes you need to make travel arrangements fast, especially as a corporate traveller. Wego’s free travel app is intuitive and flexible giving you the ability arrange a quick hotel booking, last minute flight, or just plan your future holiday arrangements while you’re stuck in traffic,” added Fernandez. “Apart from the convenience, travellers can be assured they’re given the choice of the best possible travel rates available.”

The Wego app has been rated as the number one travel app in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia by the iTunes Store and has featured among the top ten travel apps in the Middle East and other regional markets.

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