Air Ok launches Vistar Comfort Air Purifiers with EGAPA technology

Air Ok Technologies, IIT Madras incubated clean tech start-up, has expanded its Vistar air purifier range with the launch of Vistar Comfort series. The purifiers are offered with EGAPA Comfort filter that is built with special media to absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and many other acidic gases in the air to make the workplace atmosphere clean, healthier and lively. The Vistar Comfort air purifiers can effectively improve air quality for coverage area starting from 15m2 to 104 m2.

The Comfort filter draws its power from indigenously made patented technology of EGAPA (Efficient Granular Adsorbent Particulate Arrester), which plays an essential role in filtering out different air pollutants. With the powerful filter, Vistar Comfort purifiers have a wide range of applications; especially in all mechanically ventilated indoor spaces where there is no provision for fresh air to enter.

Vistar Comfort air purifiers are easy-to-operate with Uni-Touch Interface where control of the device is at the users’ fingertips. A complete glass finish look on the top adds to the elite look of the workplace interiors. Its low-noise generation makes it the ultimate choice to improve air quality indoors all day long. These smart air purifiers offer Wi-Fi & cloud connectivity, and users can also control the functions via a mobile app with ease. Vistar Comfort air purifiers demand low maintenance with filter replacement in every 8-12 months depending upon the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentration levels.

Mr. Pavan Reddy Yasa, Director- Air Ok Technologies said, “Vistar Comfort series is launched to promote a healthy work environment for improved productivity.”

“Increased levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) adversely impact the people, including their thinking capabilities, energy levels and more. Besides providing a comforting air-conditioned environment, it is also necessary for companies to improve the quality of indoor air that allows employees to be more active and participative in business activities,” added Mr. Vishesh Kaul-Head Sales & Operations, Air Ok Technologies

As per established ventilation guidelines, indoor Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels must not be more than 650 ppm than the local outdoor concentration. Workplace occupants generate carbon dioxide, causing indoor carbon dioxide concentrations as well as other air pollutants to exceed outdoor concentrations. Besides being exposed to irritating, distracting and potentially unhealthy gases and particulates, elevated Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels can infuse lethargy and drowsiness among employees. Vistar Comfort purifiers utilize a revolutionary technology to analyze and absorb excessive Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants to optimize air quality.

The purifiers are available within the price range of Rs. 25,000 upto Rs. 2 lacs, based on different features and capabilities. Available in offline stores and soon will be available online also.

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