ALOGIC Wireless Charging Pad Stylish, Fast & Efficient

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ALOGIC, a leading global manufacturer of premium IT connectivity & mobility peripherals along with vast array of education solutions recently announced its entry in India with the launch of a wide range of its products. The company rolled out its complete connectivity and productivity solutions for home users, businesses and customers connected on-the-go in India. The company is currently present in the USA, Germany, U.K, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong respectively.

When it comes to picking a wireless charger, you have two types of options, a stand or a pad. Both will charge your device wirelessly, but its depends upon user experience, as the stand will keep your phone propped up for easy use, while a pad like the Alogic Wireless Charging pad leaves it lying flat, making it easier to grab. We recently got a chance to review its Wireless charging pad. Looking at this product we feel that the Alogic wireless charging pad is beautifully designed and always useful, offering the perfect blend of refinement and utility. Starting from its packaging to charging cable everything fits wilts of aesthetics.

This charging pad comes with Qi technology which is efficient, portable and safe charger for your Apple, Samsung and other Qi-enabled devices. The latest Qi technology allows you to charge the devices safely at the most optimal speed wirelessly. The elegant aluminium and fabric design lets the charger blend in or stand out in either home or office environment. The best part is the ALOGIC Wireless Charging Pad safely and efficiently Fast Charges your Qi-enabled device with up to 10W of power*. The charger is also enabled with an input USB-C port for connection to a USB power adapter.

Fine tuned for iPhones, the ALOGIC wireless charging pad is capable of faster 7.5W charging output without interfering with other operations on your iPhone nor causing them to overheat.

LED indicator light lets you know when you a suitable charging connection has been established and your phone is charging. LED will glow Green in standby mode when no phone is placed or if the phone is not placed correctly, LED will glow Blue once a connection is established when a phone is placed on the charger.

Inside the box you get 1x Wireless Charging Pad 10W, 1x USB-A to USB-C cable, 1x User Manual.

Verdict: Engineered to adapt to your smartphone’s fast-pace innovation, the Alogic 10W Wireless Charging Pad lets you power up compatible devices quickly and with less clutter.

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