Apps that can get you out of danger! Review

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By Jayanta Ghosh

There are many things we are doing to prevent the crime. Our platform give safety and security to the citizens, transport management systems to co-corporate and fleet operators, we have giving public transport rating and giving to public transport for the government to use it and we have also launched RWA programs where all the residents can register their servants with the police. We are providing 360degree solution to our customers.
Smart24x7 has introduced a personal safety & security app for personal & business use that alerts emergency contacts with your GPS location. This is a unique approach towards strengthening citizen security, You can now also help others by pressing the button on your mobile.Our app is currently supported by Gurgaon Police, Jalandhar Police, Jammu Police, Mohali Police, UP Fire Services(Lucknow & Noida).
This application can also be used by Senior citizens to secure them when they are in distress by sending SOS signals to their loved ones. Lots of new useful features are added in the new version.

besafe22-12-14bSafe – Personal Safety App
bSafe is a personal safety app designed to keep you and your friends safer 24/7. It’s packed with features for both everyday safety and real emergencies, making it the ultimate safety tool for you and everyone you love.

IGoSafely works as a personal security alarm and intelligently incorporates a number of important personal safety features into a single app that can be used to alert your selected emergency contacts in the event that you are not able to call or text for any reason.

pukar22-12-14This is a personal safety app that instantly connects you to your loved ones and the local police in case of an emergency. Once installed, a user in an emergency situation like – eve teasing, stalking, unwanted sexual advances, kidnapping, theft, fire, road accidents, etc presses SOS button on this personal safety app, sending out SOS alert messages with his/her GPS location to his/her pre-chosen emergency contacts at regular intervals. Emergency contacts then forward this to a number mentioned in the SOS alert message received which instantly displays the SOS alert at the police control room with user’s GPS location. Currently, Alwar, Udaipur & Nainital police have partnered with this personal safety app to receive SOS alerts and immediately execute rescue operation as required by using GPS tracking.

reactmobile22-12-14React Mobile
React Mobile keeps you connected and secure whenever you feel unsafe. Share your location with trusted contacts and return home safely. With real-time tracking, help comes faster. Use the React Mobile safety app to share your location with friends and to keep track of loved ones. React Mobile lets your friends follow you to safety and gives you a lifeline to your most trusted contacts and to local authorities in an emergency. If you’re ever concerned for your safety, simply slide our app control to the yellow ‘Follow Me’ button, which allows you to choose which contacts you would like to share your location with. Your contacts list will then be sent an email and a text message with a link to your GPS location. From this link, your loved ones will be able to track your location in real-time. Once you arrive to safety, slide to the green ‘I’m Safe’ button to let them know that you’re okay.

raksha22-12-14Raksha – Women Safety Alert App is the  MOST EFFECTIVE Woman Safety App
Raksha app – Ensuring women’s safety. Just at the press of a button your near and dear ones know your location. Your selected contacts can see your location and you can even ask them to show theirs. A distress signal just by pressing a single key sends out a loud buzzer to your near and dear ones. Your parents need not worry all the time now. You as a woman need not worry about security. Even if the Raksha App is switched off and isn’t running, pressing the volume key for just three seconds alerts the specific contacts you have chosen beforehand. Your location is sent to them on a map which sends them your exact whereabouts.

besafe22-12-14Be Safe
Be Safe is an application that is built for people who require immediate assistance during emergency or important situations. The application is an assistive technology application for old people where caretaker or the person looking after them need not be with them at all times and make sure they get alerted during important situations. This app can also be used by women or children when they travel alone and to notify the guardian or partner or friend if they are lost or caught up in an emergency situation.

SOS – Stay Safe
staysafe22-12-14SOS – Stay Safe! is a powerful personal safety application that empowers you against acts of violence, and helps summon aid in an emergency. It lets you send out SOS alerts to friends and family quickly, as soon as you sense danger. The alert is triggered by shaking the device using a customizable shake limit. SOS – Stay Safe! is useful in a wide range of dangerous scenarios ranging from sexual harassment to heart failure.

frndineed22-12-14FrndiNeed (intended to be pronounced as “Friend-in-Need” without syllables) is a multi-purpose App to make everyday travel smoother, safer and economically viable. The App can help the user to

  • Search and find friends in the vicinity and take lift
  • Find out friends ready to hang-out
  • Plan short group trips
  • Share weekend trip plans and take friends along
  • Arrange a carpool (not in the Beta)
  • Send out SOS to friends in the network in the time of any emergency like Car Break Down, Life Threat etc

My Witness
mywitness22-12-14My Witness lets you take images and sends them AUTOMATICALLY to up to three email addresses including your phone number and geographical position. It allows you to snap a picture in emergency situations and get it out to your friends and family immediately. It also can act as deterrent to a possible threat or gives you possibilities for identification if harm was done. It is the private security cam for your pocket.

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