“Our continuous effort is to enable the Indian market access to the latest in technology today“

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Mr. Mani Kant Jain, CEO of Yerha.com 

Idea behind Yerha

Yerha is a new age e-commerce website that introduces cutting edge technology blended with remarkable innovation to the Indian market for the very first time. The basic idea behind the company is to introduce coolest and the raddest gadgets in Indian markets.  Now, we have made sure that such innovations are affordable for you folks so we partnered with the coolest kids on the block based out of US and Europe who spend their time designing such radical innovations.

How are you different from others?

We are the next gen in bringing you innovation tech. Fed up with all the products that resemble junk,  we created a company that specializes in bringing you cool gadgets and latest gizmos from around the world for the very first time in India and probably elsewhere too. Not only we provide warranties and guaranties on all products we sell but we also provide a dedicated customer service team to help you with anything you need. Led by passionate problem-solvers and meticulous hard-workers, we aspire to be trendsetters by showcasing products you have only dreamt of in the e-commerce realm. Our continuous effort is to enable the Indian market access to the latest in technology today. The much sought-after team aims to capture the buzz around the technological market round the clock so that we can bring to you products from tomorrow. We are on a quest to simplify everything, to let you focus on your loved ones and things that matter the most. And this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

What are your expansion plans?

Besides electronic goods and exclusive gadgets, Yerha keeps bringing new technologies and product lines. In future plans, we are focusing on making in-house eco-system with self-logistics and in-house demonstrations. We plan to expand our product portfolio from Mobile, Mobile Accessories, Smart Home Automation & Lifestyle and aim to increase their potential & shipping to remote locations to reach out further to the emerging rural areas of the country.

What is vision of the company?

Since the beginning, our aim is to bring about a change in our ever so busy lifestyle with the way we react with technology, gadgets and people around us. Therefore, we have indulged in products which are cutting edge, innovating and strike a chord with us emotionally.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?

With mobile and internet penetration on the rise and slated to continue, the only way for Yerha to go seems up. We aims to clock the 100cr mark revenue by 2020.

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