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Glozztek to provide detailing services to luxury and supercars makers of Indian automotive industry

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Choices for artistic detailing services are insufficient in India, which leads the world in so many different fields, especially in the automotive detailing sector, where cars are pampered with customised solutions for detailing and protection of luxury and supercars. To provide this specialised service, Glozztek, a Bengaluru-based startup has recently started a state-of-the-art luxury and supercar detailing studio in the heart of Bengaluru. The company already initiated talks with luxury carmakers and dealers of such cars for long-term partnership to provide their expert services.

With an initial investment of around 3.5 crores, Glozztek started the first-of-its-kind distinctive one-stop detailing studio best suited to all luxury and supercar makers of the Indian automotive industry. The company is expecting to achieve around 9 crores at the end of first financial year. The company use self-healing technology certified by SGD standards and catered to accommodate all kinds of cars in this segment in a dust-free and sterile environment.

Our product is most technically advanced and we plan to invest a huge amount of time and money for developing superior products in near future. Our goal is to be India’s largest detailing network, expand to major cities of India and take this unique service to a larger scale of the audience” said Shreyas MB, Founder of Glozztek.

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