Graebert launches ARES Commander 2016 and ARES Touch


Graebert announced the availability of the 2016version of its acclaimed ARES Commander 2D/3D CAD package in India.

ARES Commander 2016, which runs on 32- and 64-bit Windows, Mac and Linux operatingsystems, is an advanced DWG-based CAD software with several path-breaking features and tools.

Graebert also announced the launch of ARES Touch, world’s only true CAD solution for AndroidandiOS mobile devices. Far more than a simple viewer or editor, ARES Touch is a completeprofessional CAD solution, using the same acclaimed CAD engine powering ARES Commander.


The core product development of ARES Commander 2016 and ARES Touch has been done atGraebert’s India Development Center (IDC) in Noida. Set-up in 2012, the state-of- the-art IDC is thecompany’s largest development center globally and is instrumental in developing Graebert’s coreCAD technologies.

During the product launch, Graebert India also announced major investment plans, to expand theIndian operations. “India is important for Graebert’s future growth, both, in terms of developingnew path-breaking products, and business opportunities. Graebert has already invested $4 million inIndia and plans to further invest $5 million in order to expand the capacity of the India business tomeet growth needs.

Graebert India has devised a four-pronged strategy to sustain 100 percent CAGR growth over thenext five years, which includes—winning competitors’ customers, expanding sales and distributionnetwork, launching new products and services, and targeting large opportunities emerging fromflagship government programs like Smart Cities, Make in India, and Digital India.

Graebert plans to increase the footprint of its sales and distribution network through distributorIngram. It already has a set of 45 strong partners. With new opportunities arising out of Smart City,Make in India and Digital India projects, Graebert plans to expand the partner network to smallercities.

Further, Graebert India will soon launch ARES Map, which will provide a major boost to itsgovernment business. ARES Map is a hybrid solution that bridges the intelligence of GIS contentsand a full-featured CAD system. In the near future, Graebert India also plans to introduce itsglobally acclaimed surveying solution, SiteMaster, and iSurvey surveying services to expand itsaddressable market.

Graebert has a set of offerings that are important for government’s flagship projects—Smart Cityand Digital India—for creation of geospatial information systems which can be integrated withdigitized land record maintenance system and are integral for planning and implementation of smartcities.

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