“I Feel Safe” Safety Ka Power Button


A Free App to keep you safe whenever & wherever

MSAI(Mobile Standards Alliance of India) in association with Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust launched a new safety app for women called the ‘I Feel Safe’ app. The app, solely focusing on the safety of women in the country would be initially Feel_Safe_31-1-17Feel2_SafeFeel3_Safe_31-1-17

being made available on Google Play Store followed by Apple App Store. The app is said to work when the handset is connected to the internet and even when offline.

That means the app does not need to be induced with safety alarm feature and even works when the screen of the smartphone is locked, in the absence of SIM cards, if there is no Wi-Fi connectivity or if you have not accessed any data plan. After installing the app, all that a user would need to do is to long press the power button  for 5 times to let the app automatically send a distress call to the nearest police station along with the person’s relatives.Feel_Safe2_31-1-17

The app tracks the location of the user to recognize the nearest police station and send an alert to them. Users would have to feed select number of their friends/family members relatives who would get alerts in case of emergency. The app would also be able to track different activities as well, like if the user is walking or running.

This App was  unveiled by Mother of ‘Nirbhaya’ Smt. Asha Devi in the presence of dignitaries and leading women and child rights activists.

According to Ms. Bhawna Kumari, Business Head, MSAIMSAI_31-1-17The I Feel Safe  mobile app addresses the growing need in the country to ensure better personal safety of women and girls if they are threatened with physical abuse or assault. This personal safety solution can also be availed by senior citizens, and anyone who senses a threat to his or her personal safety,” . She also mentioned that  this personal safety power button empowers women by giving them access to a reliable safety tool at all times. Women can avail 24 x 7 service and ensure safety for themselves and their loved ones. There is no charge for using the I Feel Safe mobile app.