Mind Your Fleet’s (MYF) path breaking technology empowers small fleet operators to take on Ola and Uber

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The Indian car rental space is entering an exciting phase, thanks to Mind Your Fleet (MYF)! The online collaborative tool for car rental companies is helping small fleet owners manage businesses better, promote easier and distribute their inventory across the ecosystem in a seamless fashion. Eco Rent a Car, a leading car rental and ground Transportation Company, has also integrated MYF’s cutting-edge technology and solutions for its rental fleet which gives their customers the same ease of use while delivering a better service experience than Ola and Uber.

Mind Your Fleet is a revolutionary concept that brings together 1000s of small taxi and fleet operators, connecting them without a glitch. Extremely customer friendly and simple to use, its fully customized software facilitates the car rental agencies to manage both the backend as well as the front end of businesses with customized technology. It delivers end-to-end solutions such as ready to use Apps on android , responsive website supported by its powerful Content Management System, Booking management with industry standard fare management, Auto & Manual Dispatch system, Fleet management, Corporate management, Billing & Accounting features through its Android & iOS apps for customers as well as the drivers.

“By connecting with the car rental agencies, we bring significantly high value business to them, which are stronger than Ola and Uber. At one end, our platform is aggregating demand by giving the corporates a standardized solution; on the other hand, we bring together a seamless and unified experience of supply by connecting it to the demand. We have recorded a rapid growth over the past few weeks and expect to hit 20000 bookings a day over the next 6 months. We are also planning to add cab sharing service, Employee Transport, and Shuttle services on our platform for our customers in near future.” said Malvinder Rikhy, CEO, Mind Your Fleet.
As per Rajesh Loomba, managing director, Eco Rent a Car, MYFs biggest client, “we are already transacting business worth 5 crores a month from our corporate clients and in the next few months we will transition to doing over 15 crores a month on this platform”

As per Alok Bajpai, founder, IXIGO, a leading online travel marketplace, “IXIGO has chosen to partner with Mind Your Fleet as a partner to power IXIGO cabs”

Recipient of the Best Disruptive Transport/Travel Startup’ award at the 1st Annual Startup Entrepreneurship & Disruptive Innovation awards for emerging startups, Mind Your Fleet  has over 1000 cars already registered on its server over the past few weeks. Apart from Eco Rent a Car, it comprises a long list of clientele including Fab Cabs, Ixigo, Flash Cabs, Bluesky Cabs and Orange Cabs  to name a few.

With a compound annual growth rate of 12%, the car rental business is one of the fastest growing industries in India. Currently estimated at USD 9 billion, it is expected to almost double in size with a projected market size of USD 15 billion, by the year 2020. The growth in this sector can be majorly attributed to technological enhancements that enable this sector to partner with new clients and cater to different requirements while always offering excellent experiences.

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