Noble Skiodo launches its HD ready, 24inch ‘NB24VRI01’ and 32inch ‘NB32R01’


Noble Skiodo, a part of Veira Group (Largest OEM in Consumer Durable Brands) announced the launch of its HD ready TVs at the most budgeted prices, with 24inch – NB24VRI01 and 32inch – NB32R01. The affordable range of TVs supports multitude of features, with the simplest TV interface, uniquely crafted to bring the ultimate viewing experience.

Coupled with an impressive array of features, Noble HD Ready TV series comes equipped with Best Picture & Sound Quality.Discover every detail in A+ Gread Panel with an extreme brilliance that brings real viewing experience with its picture processing, that up scales every pixel for exceptional picture clarity.

With A+ Grade Panel, and 16 Million, the LED TVs offer enriching involvement of red, green and blue colour efficiency. The TVs features slim bezel design with a seamless blend of elegance as it perfectly amalgamates with your home’s décor, reflecting an impressive combination of technology and finesse. With A+ Grade Panel and dynamic contrast ratio of 700000:1 that allows for better clarity, color and contrast. Experience 16.7 billion colors in the TV, wherein each color comes out in its complete grandeur on the screen from any angle of the room.

The TVs comes with Indian Cinema Zoom experience paired with 10W*2 powerful Sound speakers to deliver a top – notch audio-visual output which results into the complete cinematic experience at Home.

The TVs brings access to a wide variety of apps and services, along with inbuilt Games. The TV supports seamless convergence of data with USB Compatibility & comes with the Single touch button remote to access Multimedia. Connectivity options include 1 HDMI port and 1XUSB allowing you to connect your laptop, gaming console etc.

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