Reliance Jio Launches 4G Service in Bhubaneswar


Reliance Jio Infocomm (RJIL) has launched 4G high speed Wi-Fi internet services at four locations in Bhubaneswar as a part of the Odisha government’s initiative to convert Bhubaneswar into a ‘Smart City’.

Visitors to these locations will be able to experience and reap the benefits of high speed wireless connectivity on handheld devices (smartphones/tablets) through the Wi-Fi network. Initially, the service will be offered at no cost subject to fair usage, for individual customers till the time of commercial launch, as per reports.

The users’ feedback on the overall experience and network will be used to improve the services further as Jio gets ready for its formal launch. Once 4G LTE service commences, Wi-Fi and LTE networks will operate seamlessly with each other.