Sony Announces High-Power Party Speakers with Karaoke


Sony India introduced four exciting new models to its high-power party speaker range with the MHC-V83D, MHC-V73D, MHC-V43D and MHC-V13, expanding choices for party lovers as well as families who prefer one-box styled systems with a smaller footprint and portable design. Packed with stunning sound and experiential party lights, these party speakers are set to unleash the inner pop star in you and make every moment at a party memorable.

This new line-up of High-Power party speakers features key upgrades for better power and improved sound quality, such as the High-efficiency Tweeter that uses horn tweeters and High-efficiency Midrange that uses mid horn speakers. It introduces not just greater height expansion of sound but also a wider range, reaching the whole dancefloor. The Omnidirectional Party Sound is a result of combining the front and rear tweeters, the midrange, a woofer and JET BASS BOOSTER, enabling music to reach further and wider, pleasing guests with great sound wherever they are.

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