SSKY S9007: The Feature King


Feature phones still has a charm and many brands are bringing more and more feature phones in the India market. Why India still love feature phones?  The answer is SIMPLE.  That is because of  SIMPLE design, SIMPLE functionality and SIMPLE average cost.

So SSKY a brand from the house of Hitech Emporium who are located in Delhi recently launched a good looking and sturdy device  S9007. This is a very popular looking handset from SSKY which looks very attractive and feels good in your hand. It has a IML tampered glass, with a 2.4 inch of display and 64MB of memory that can be extended till 32 GB.  Feature phones are loved by old generation then the millennials . To make it more effective for elders they have also loaded the S9007 with SOS feature and multi language support.  To top it all this device also comes with an auto call recording feature and offer dual SIM capability. The handset is also available in many vibrant colors.

For all the arcade game lovers most importantly the S9007 has our favorite snake game. So gives you good company to kill your free time. And another key point or feature  which most of the people these days don’t mention about in the reviews is the calling quality. We have used this device for couple of days and haven’t witnessed any lag or connectivity issues.

Verdict:  If you looking to buy a device for your parents and grandparents who are still happy with minimal and simple device you can easily go for SSKY S9007.