Supertron Foundation Starts Initiative to Help Disadvantaged Students Offering Unused Smartphones


Today, as the prolonged lockdowns in the context of COVID-19 continue to disrupt the school and college programs, most of the institutes, schools and colleges have started online classes and interactions, and made it compulsory for students to have a PC or laptop with an Internet connection. As everyone cannot afford to have PC or laptop with an Internet connection, the other less expensive and handy alternative is to have a smartphone. But there are 1000s of poor students who cannot even afford to purchase a cheap smartphone. This paces them at the disadvantage of missing classes, besides being already lagging in studies due to financial and psychological burdens imposed by poverty. In the present conditions, the smartphone which has been a sort of luxury so far has now become a necessity for such students. 

A Supertron Foundation

To partly ameliorate this situation, Supertron has started a campaign urging people to donate their old smartphones which they no longer use. Nowadays, with mid- and upper-class people frequently buying new models, their often have 1 or 2 phones in their possession which they no longer use. Supertron Foundation is urging the users to donate such phones which fell into disuse to the disadvantaged students and it can go a long way in helping such students to attend online classes.