The New Age Concept of O-LINE-O is Set to Take Mumbai Mobile Markets by Storm

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The Mumbai-based O-LINE-O Nexus Pvt Ltd has been launched to serve as an online-to-offline and offline-to-online business bridge, based on the unique concept that helps the consumers to purchase products from the offline stores without physically visiting the stores and enjoy the convenience of shopping from home and avoid spending his valuable time and effort. And if the customer still wants to visit the retail store which sent him the product, he can visit that that would be located close to his address. In an interaction with Mobility, Vibhooti Prasad, Director, O-LINE-O, shares his companies business-logic, policy, mission and vision.

Vibhooti Prasad shares, “When I surveyed the customers why they want to purchase online, they always say online buying will save them time and effort that are needed to physically visit the retail store. On the other hand, they also have apprehensions about online purchases as they are not sure if they get what they want and what the online portals actually promise—in terms of quality and originality of the product and also the service. Sometimes they also have doubts that secondhand or refurbished products may be pushed to them without ever informing them. After understanding these feelings of the customers, we decided to launch our new concept which will allay these fears of the customers and deliver what they expect. In normal online purchased products are delivered to the customer from a distant source and there is little chance that the customer could visit the store physically in a convenient manner to discuss with the senders when they have some issues. In our case, the products will be delivered from our connected-store nearest to the customer’s address, and the customer has the privilege to approach the store physically to clarify any issue if they want to; and the customer can also call our customer-care representatives for any service, assistance or query. There will be no delivery charges, the customers will be charged the same price which they pay if they physically visit the store.”

This is a time when offline channel views online channels as unpleasant rivals who dispense goods at discounted rates without giving the customer experience of the products. But O-LINE-O’s novel concept is expected to rival the online channels while giving the customers the convenience and comfort of the online channels while giving the feel, confidence and trust given by offline channels.

Vibhooti Prasad adds, “A unique feature of O-LINE-O’s services is once a customer orders a product, say a mobile phone, the product will be delivered to the customer within 4 hrs from the nearest mobile retail store. Next, our supply agents would be specially trained, not just to deliver the products, but also to assist the customer how to insert the SIM card, operate different features of the mobile phone, etc.”

The new-age brand O-LINE-O is set to emerge as the most reliable mobile retail chain in Mumbai with a mission to revitalize the retail space by bringing the services the customers desire with the combined benefits of offline and online functionalities.

In a nutshell: O-LINE-O merges the online shopping experience with an extended offline service; brings the retail at your door step with the services curated particularly for the customers along with the friendly neighborhood expert to help them. Other benefits include no- cost EMIs, zero down-payment, exclusive offers and more. The customer can choose his favorite products from over 75 neighborhood stores. The O-LINE-O promises that 100% original products are delivered to the customers within 4 hrs by the chosen neighborhood retailer; and hassle-free services—repairs, replacements, easy loans, instant exchange, etc all from one store.

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