Mr Savan Nandaniya, MD & CEO, Alian

Alian Plans to Widen their Domestic Manufacturing and Establish their Brand in India

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Today, mobile accessories and mobile phones have become indispensable devices in our lives. To meet this growing need, Mr Savan Nandaniya, MD & CEO, Alian, founded Alian Electronics Pvt Ltd in Anand (Gujarat) to offer top class India-made mobile accessories to the Indian customers. In an interaction with the Mobility magazine, Mr Savan Nandaniya shares their company’s product policy, future plans and mission. 

Mr Savan Nandaniya shares, “We don’t compromise on quality; our main focus is to give the best quality products to customers at affordable prices. We are one of the very few companies that offer India-made solutions with our own R&D and in-house designing. Currently, our focus is on providing PD chargers of 25W to 65W capacity.”

Today, although new, Alian Electronics Pvt Ltd is one of the fast-growing mobile accessories makers in India. Alian brand’s product portfolio includes power banks, chargers, cables and headphones. Alian Electronics initially started as an importer of mobile accessories and later on in 2017 began own manufacturing in India. The company strives to deliver the best accessories to consumers and OEMs at affordable prices. Along with giving the best technology, customer service and prompt deliver are among the most important principles of Alian. The company manufactures high quality 25 W PD chargers. Alian Electronics is also one of the leading providers of mobile accessories to OEMs. Alian Electronics has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit with the latest machines that use advanced technology. Their quality control department has the best testing equipment and they follow stringent quality control measures before delivering the products to the market and clients. Alian Electronics employs well-qualified and highly experienced engineers, technicians and professionals in their different departments. 

Sharing his expansion plans, Mr Savan Nandaniya explains, “We at Alian Electronics Pvt Ltd fully support the Make in India program which helps India to become self-reliant. It will motivate the Indian mobile accessory manufacturers to become more competent and help to make India an exporter of manufactured goods in future. From time to time, we keep adding new products. Alian Electronics plans to manufacture 100 W chargers in the next 4 months in India. Later this year, we plan to launch neckbands, earphones and other audio products. We also offer mobile chargers for a wide range of brands and their device models. We are also the OEM supplier to the top 10 mobile accessories brands in India.” 

Alian Electronics supports the Make in India program and feels that this policy strengthens domestic manufacturing and exports. The company’s manufacturing plant in Anand has a workforce of around 150, with a capacity to roll out 3.5 lakh pieces per month. Alian Electronics employs well-qualified and experienced professionals in its manufacturing, sales and services. Mr Savan believes that Make in India program will in course of time enable India to develop the entire value-chain of Electronics System Design and Manufacturing in India, and will lead to the economic development of the country and reduce the dependence on China. Alian brand focuses on offering unique quality to its customers to ensure superior user experience and best customer satisfaction. It has separate brand sales team and OEM team for the execution of operation in an effective manner. 

“We want to be one of the top manufacturers of high quality mobile accessories in India and want Alian to be leading value-for-money mobile accessories brand in India,” concludes Mr Savan Nandaniya. 

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