Astrum Announced Innovative Products to Help Fight COVID-19 Confidently


Astrum has announced two UV light sterilizer models: Lighting UVC Sterilizer (Model: UV100) and Type-C UVC Sterilizer (Model: UV200). Using these sterilizers, you can clear germs and bacteria on surfaces you regularly use and touch. There are several types of invisible germs and bacteria that live on our surrounding surfaces and keep floating in the air. They are visible only through sensitive microscopes but can cause innumerable diseases. These sterilizers from Astrum can kill the pathogens using ultraviolet (UV) light within a few seconds.

Both the models have small bodies with large energy and are portable with strong sterilization ability by deep UV light.  You can use them whenever, wherever. They are casual and comfortable to carry and use through iPhone and Android Type C interfaces. To use them, you just fit the sterilizer to your phone and within a few seconds, it will start emitting UV light. Then you simply point it towards the object or surface you want to sterilize. The surfaces you can sterilize using these min devices include a keyboard, mouse, mousepad, mobile phone, tableware, toothbrush, vehicle steering, etc. (Caution: The deep UV light, which is often invisible, shot directly into your eyes can damage them. Prolonged exposure of your skin to direct UV light can damage the skin.)

Manoj Kumar Pansari, CEO&Founder, Astrum, explains, “At Astrum, we strive to bring out innovative products that suit the times and the people. Today, COVID-19 is spreading fast so it demands different products and solutions.  Recently, we launched 4 innovative products. The first one is Portable UV Light Sterilizer–this can kill 99.99% germs&bacteriaon surfaces like keyboards, mice, mousepads, steering wheels which we often touch with our hands. You just have fit on your phone USB and direct the invisible UV light on the surface for a few seconds. This product is priced at INR2499/-. The second one is a thermal scanner that measures the temperature of the COVID-19 suspected patients. This is priced at INR 9999/-. The third one is Air Purifier, which purifies the air in the entire room. The fourth one is Automatic Sensor-based  Hand Sanitizer–to use this you need not press the button, just keep your hands below the sanitizer and it will dispense a few drops to fall on your hands, apply it to your hands and wash them in the washbasin. Right now we have launched these products for corporates, but we are launching for homes and consumers too soon. All these products come with a 1-year warranty and they have a useful life of 2 to 5 years, depending upon how heavily you use.. Right now, we are manufacturing these products in China, and soon we will start manufacturing these products in our Indian plant near Tirupati. Once we start Making In India, we can give the price benefit to the Indian users; we can also supply products to the partners with short notice–within 1-3 days. Our message to all our partners and also to our citizens is they should sanitize things they touch daily, maintain social distancing, and obey the government guidelines to check the spread of COVID-19.”

Amit Singh, Country Head, Astrum Electronics India Pvt Ltd, reveals, “The COVID-19 epidemic has put everybody in a tough situation”. He added “I wish and pray to the god that everyone should be healthy and safe in this sever the global impact of COVID-19.

“Stay home Stay safe”, “lockdown”, “pandemic”, “moratorium”, “isolation”, “quarantine” are words that are used more than any other word in our life nowadays. Similarly, “Sanitizations” & “Sterilization” have been scrolling everywhere too…But how do we make sure this sanitization and sterilization is two different things?? Peoples are confused and actually trying to sanitize Toothbrush, mobile phone, writing pen, kids toys, stationery, vehicles/apartments keys, doorbells, TV/AC remote many more daily items are frequently cleaned using regular sanitizer instead of sterilizing it, which may damage the electronic items due to its liquid form and Equivalently it’s not safe for kids and their toys and accessories as well.

Hence to avoid confusion between “sanitizations” & “sterilization” we have introduced a range of products which is safe and will surely meet the challenges faced by every individual in daily routine to Help Fight COVID-19 Confidently, We have already launched these products abroad and they will be available in India by May 5th. Our partners are showing interest in these products and we also have partners who can supply these products to the end-users in the healthcare segment.

In our philosophy, each letter of ASTRUM has its own symbolic meaning–A stands for Accept (one has to accept the challenges in our industry as well as in the entire country), S stands for sustainability (we all should develop business plans that can help them sustain in the long-run), T stands for Together (if we work together, we can get out of difficult situations easily and can achieve better success), R for realistic (we should plan things in a realistic manner, not to live in a world of fantasies), U stands for Understand (we have to understand every related factor thoroughly before drafting a plan) and M stands for Manage (we have to manage different intervening factors and variables meticulously so that the risk will be minimum and profit will be maximum, of course, everything through ethical methods). We insist that all our partners will keep in mind and follow our principles and they will surely be successful. My message to all our partners is Stay Home, Stay Safe, Work Hard, and Work Smart.”