Bluei Believe Quality Is More Important To Make a Good Product


Best Ways to Keep a Customer Happy & Improve Customer Retention 

Bluei, founded in 2009 and headquartered in , New Delhi, is provider of high quality mobile accessories and CCTV cameras. The product line of Bluei includes mobile chargers, powerbanks, headphones, earphones, data cables, speakers and security cameras. In an interaction with Mobility magazine, Mr Rajesh Chopra, Director; and Akhilesh Chopra, Marketing Director, share their company’s product policy, market strategy and mission. 

Talking about the scope for mobile accessories in the Indian market, Mr Rajesh Chopra, “We do not compromise on quality; we maintain long-term cordial relationships with customers based on trust. Once a person purchases a mobile phone, certain accessories become essential. Also, as new accessories with better features appearing in the market, mobile phone users tend to buy new ones discarding the old. With the increasing number of mobile phone users, the demand for mobile accessories will also increase. Also Covid-19, pushed up the demand for mobile accessories due to an increase in Work From Home (WFH) trend and also people staying at home want more entertainment and this increases demand for accessories.”  

In the today’s busy life people don’t find time for traditional shopping so they often purchase online via eCommerce portals, but the flip side of this is buyers are facing myriad problems like getting fake products, non-replacement of defective products, payment-related issues, fake support etc but Bluei gives customers 100% guarantee and has an easy return policy, where buyers can return a product under 10 days of purchasing and brand offers 24/7 support. Bluei strives to provide 100% genuine products.

Brand positioning, the image the brand wants to create in the minds of its customers, plays key role in how customers visualize a brand. Talking in this regard, Rajesh Chopra comments, “We provide high quality products aimed at customer satisfaction. Once customers purchase our products they usually come back again to buy from us. Our strategy is to retain the customers and keep the customer satisfaction up as far as possible. Our products have best quality, finishing and packaging. On chargers and powerbanks we have 1-year warranty. On other products, we have varying warranties depending on its type and functionality.” 

Breifing about the Make in India approach and market plans, Akhilesh Chopra briefts, “We have our in-house manufacturing unit and we are open for OEM customers. About 60-70% part of Bluei chargers are Made in India. As time goes by we will try to become more Made in India and less of an importer.  We have appointed distributors state-wise. Our next target is to organize our channel district-wise and to be present in most of the retail stores. We also want to be present with big retail chains in future. In the coming times, we will expand our presence and add more products to our portfolio.”

Regarding their latest products, new products, Rajesh Chopra shares, “Our latest products include wireless chargers and true wireless earphones. We have already launched several models of these and in future we will expand more in the wireless segment. For home automation, we have smart bulbs, smart speakers, and smart appliances in the CCTV line. We are focusing on providing a high quality superior fast charger in future, so that customers can charge faster. Moreover, most of the upcoming phones would require fast chargers. We are currently focusing on chargers that can charge the phones 100% within one hour. Our chargers are BIS certified.”