Digital is a savior in times like these when the only way to operate is in a remotely distributed environment


Newgen Software Technologies Limited, a global provider of low code automation platform managing content, processes, and communication.

Mobility India caught up with Mr. Diwakar Nigam, Chairman & MD, Newgen Software Technologies Limited, to know more about its digital automation platform and how they are  helping  customers run their businesses in a safe and secure manner.

How Newgen’s products and solutions have helped customers during the COVID-19 pandemic and similar crises?

Our experience of nearly three decades has taught us that global emergencies, like COVID-19, are often beyond our control and that it's important to always be prepared. In addition to helping our customers with business continuity planning and strategies for continuous improvement, we are committed to finding innovative solutions to handle such crisis situations.
Customers have always been our top priority at Newgen. When Ebola wreaked havoc in 2014, we ensured that our customers were able to conduct their business without pause. Thanks to the trusting and collaborative relationships we have built with our customers, they, too, have demonstrated flexibility in the face of unprecedented situations. For example, our banking customers in Nigeria relaxed their internal IT policies and provided external VPN access to our employees so that we could work remotely in their time zones and deploy our product on time.

Today, Newgen is helping organizations worldwide to tackle the COVID-19 crisis with solutions like the Newgen loan origination software, geared toward the SBA Payment Protection Program (PPP) in the US and the SME Guarantee Scheme in Australia, as well as the CBILS quick loans onboarding solution in the UK.

Our digital automation platform is helping our customers run their businesses in a safe and secure manner without impacting the speed and quality of their services.
We are enabling our customers to:

 Seamlessly collaborate and participate in business processes from disparate locations and
virtual work environments.
 Automate their processes, content, and communication, while bridging functional and data silos, in a rapid application development environment.
 Leverage digital intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA), and mobility for more
efficient and informed employee participation.

Additionally, our employees at Newgen are working in our customers’ time zones to provide
seamless delivery and service, regardless of the current situation. The fact that Newgen was already a digital organization allowed us and our customers to shift to a remote environment without affecting the flow of services.

How are Newgen’s solutions ensuring business as usual, Indian context especially banks? (Indian context)

Newgen has partnered with financial institutions across the world in achieving their digital
transformation initiatives. Everything from securely accessing digitized documents, to onboarding customers via web and mobile, to participating in process flows remotely without compromising security, Newgen platforms and purpose-built banking applications are helping financial institutions in India and globally. Moreover, with changing lending preferences of consumers and an overall push for the survival of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), financial institutions need to be ready to cater to these evolving requirements. And Newgen lending software is helping them today.

Our digital banking applications empower banks by bridging organizational silos and efficiently reducing paper-based processes in the system. With our applications, banks digitally capture and move documents, thereby creating an environment of digital, contactless approval and onboarding—all of which complies with social distancing mandates. Additionally, these future-proof applications can be tailored to the unique needs of a financial institution and are scalable enough to accommodate the high volume of transactions produced by digital processes.

How is Newgen helping employees in this difficult time?
The wellbeing of our staff is our top priority. We were among the first companies in our industry to transition to this new normal, wherein over 90% of our workforce has been enabled to work from home, ensuring compliance with security and safety protocols. We are ensuring that all our employees, across the globe, are safe and are complying with the directive of their local administration.

We have taken several measures to ensure the safety of our employees, including:
 Stopping all international business travel.
 Immediately transitioning to virtual meetings (via video conferencing) and restricting
employee attendance in most conferences and seminars.
 Placing our employees who have travelled to countries where there are pronounced COVID-19 outbreaks in quarantine, and ascertaining that our vendors and suppliers are engaging in prudent preventive measures.
 Initiating fun activities like online games to build employees’ morale.
 Recognizing and rewarding employees who are going above and beyond in delivering their duties with programs like “Newgen Heroes” and “Who Went the Xtramile”.
 Providing various learning opportunities to employees in the form of online trainings and
lessons to help them upskill and acquire additional knowledge.
Furthermore, we have established a company-wide reporting process to identify any employee with emerging symptoms consistent with the flu or COVID-19 and then take immediate actions to reduce their exposure to other associates. Our preparedness is coordinated as part of an overall business continuity plan. We are closely monitoring the evolving situation and ensuring that all our employees are financially, physically, and emotionally secure.

Impact on business?
The current global pandemic has forced everyone to dig deep and respond with firm action and swift execution. Newgen employees are working harder and smarter. Digital is a savior in times like these when the only way to operate is in a remotely distributed environment. We have always been focused around innovation and this crisis has presented us with an opportunity to empower businesses with the technology to survive and thrive.

We at Newgen have found ourselves in a position where we are going live with new projects, capturing client requirements remotely, and conducting successful demos online. Our customized banking solutions for SME lending are helping financial institutions around the world to manage the currently high influx of small business loan applications. Our solutions, which can be deployed via cloud, are in line with the regulatory requirements of every geography and can be deployed within hours. We have a well-defined business continuity plan, ensuring uninterrupted operations for our customers globally, no matter what circumstances may arise.
While we are aware of the uncertainties inherent to the current crisis, we believe we are well prepared to respond to the possible impact with digital technology, a client-focused staff, and proven business continuity plan.

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