Gadget Trends for This Festive Season


As festive season is  approaches, everyone is preparing their buying  list for the whole family.  And various online and offline store merchants are hosting grand discount sale and offers to cash in this festival season and attract more and more buyers. And as always craze for trendy and recently launched gadgets and electronics are on the top of the list.
Home appliances, personal care products, home décor, electronics, personal grooming and styling products, gadgets and others are surely a necessity in every household.And as we all know this is the time when we all generally tend to switch to new home appliances and electronics.

We know the rush to get the latest gadget sometimes prevents people from thinking things through completely.So for making your holidays a little less stressful, few share few tips to be a smart buyer.

It’s hard to keep up with the latest technology when you’re strapped for cash, but there are plenty of smart ways to afford the latest gadgets.

Look out for latest trends in Gadgets this season:

swipe22-9-15Samrtphones: They are always be on the top buying list for everyone. As everyone wants to upgrade or gift it to someone.
wearable-tech22-9-15Wearables: Wearable tech will meet fashion in a more significant way.The wearable technology movement has continued to gain speed over the years leaving many customers with options for home use, bring your own device, and even exercise.  Being able to reap the benefits of wearable technology at home or in the workplace has changed.
canon22-9-15Cameras: Interested in getting a good deal? We tend to have biggest sales during this 3 months starting from Navratri deals to New Year. And as many people make big travel plans this time of the year, this isthe best time to plan for your latest DSLR or a new compact camera.
index22-9-15Home automation Devices:Wouldn’t you love to be able to switch off the lights you left on even after you’ve got to the office? Or turn the air conditioning on before you get home from work? Smart Home devices also can let you monitor the safety of your home, unlock doors to friends for temporary access (even if you aren’t at home to receive them) and even turn your regular appliances “smarter”. This is the perfect time to transform your home.

samsung24-9-15Smart TVs: Virtually every major TV manufacturer makes a smart TV today, with the trend toward making every set “smart.” Budget sets from many brands offer smart features, while high-end models from Samsung have built-in video cameras, microphones, and voice and gesture recognition. A partial list of the biggest smart TV makers includes  LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TCL, Toshiba,etc.

epson22-9-15Smart Gadgets for productivity: Lately, more and more technologically advanced innovations are taking shape in handheld or mobile gadgets. Smartphones aren’t the only smart gadgets we use these days. We have the smartwatch, smart TV, smart cars, and more. But not all gadgets that carry the label “smart”, is actually smart, it just means that it is connected to the smartphone via an app or via Bluetooth. Keeping that at the back of your head dug around for gadgets with above-average smarts, the kind that helps make your life easier.

powerbank22-9-15Compact devices: Desktops, Projectors, Printers are few compact products that you might look around for this season.

Stylish Digital Accesories: Power Banks, Pen Drives, SD cards,

speaker22-9-15Audio Products: Wireless speakers, Headphones and home entertainment systems.

Whats available in Online?
Exciting online festivals and bumper sale days organized to promote online stores and online shopping across generations. The ratio of online shoppers has been increasing at a higher bar. Before you start buying check out all the various ecommerce sites and their offers.
Tips for smart buyer
* Before you buy know what the online stores are offering this festive season :
* Look out for the sites like, Snapdeal, eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
* Avid online shoppers, also look for  couponing partners who help you out to explore some of the hot deals and electronic sales.

Whats Offline?
Lookout for big bumper bonanza at some of the leading stores such as, Croma,  Reliance Digital etc as  they also offers cool discounts and festive offers.

In our next issue we will be featuring best gadgets to buy this festive season. To help you our to shortlist some of the best products this year.

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