Getting The Sharp Benefits Out Of Air Purifiers


Mr. Shuvendu Mazumdar, National Product Manager- SHARP Air Purifier Business

Dangerous. Hazardous. Apocalyptic. Many environmentalists had used such words for Air Quality soon after Diwali this year. Of course, it had to do with the air pollution levels in Delhi. The National Capital and its inhabitants struggled for a breath of fresh air for months. The Air Quality Index reached the dangerous level of over 1000. Till date, it hovers around 400 mark, which is considered to be unhealthy. Research on air pollution from Delhi and surrounding areas revealed that all-natural-cause mortality and morbidity increased with higher air pollution. Moreover, symptoms like Nasal Blockage, Allergy, dryness of skin and even children falling sick frequently are on rise in lieu of bad Air Quality for a considerable period.

It’s true that many of us might not suffer from serious health conditions because of air pollution immediately. But the damage is slow, progressive and often permanent. From irritations of eyes and mouth to depleted energy levels, respiratory issues and drastically reduced lung function; air pollution can have a devastating impact on your overall health. If you think you can safeguard yourself from the ill effects of air pollution by staying indoors then think again. Several studies have noted that indoor air quality all over the country remains abysmal and can be the cause of serious health hazards. With every breath some pollutant or the other enters our body, bombarding our immune system thus affecting our health. If we can reduce the intake of toxic pollutants by breathing clean and fresh air at least while we are sleeping, inflammation can be reduced which in turn reduces sick days. Several research documents and field trials have proven the effectiveness of Air Purifier at homes or other indoor spaces, but they can be can be more effective if used for a longer duration of time and at a stretch.

Room Air Purifiers can make a world of difference to the quality of air you breathe at home and offices but with no regulations in India on specifications and performances of air purifiers, and all brands promising similar outcomes, how do you decide which one’s the best for you and your needs?

Making the Sharp decision

Since it’s about the comfort and wellbeing of your loved ones, you want to make the best decision when buying air purifiers. But it’s important to realize that Indian market is nascent. While there are certain factors and specifications that you can consider when weighing your options, without proper certifications it becomes a tricky decision. The quality of the HEPA filter, Clean Air Delivery Rate, Air Change Per Hour, product warranty are some of the features that have to be taken into account.

But what about the crucial certifications and research that backs the claims of number of brands in the market?

Thus, while selecting an Air Purifier one must look for certifications and testing results. “Several institutions including British Allergy Foundation and TERI has extensively tested Air Purifiers for their functionality and performance and further have provided their seal of trust against which consumer may evaluate their options of buying while making purchase decisions” said Mr. Shuvendu Mazumdar (National Product Manager), Sharp Air Purifiers. Also with such standards in place consumer can choose a holistic Air Purifier which may help them combat against irritants like dust, fungi, viruses, pollen and mold via eliminating them from air and surface along with PM 2.5 and PM 10 dust particles.

British Allergy foundation has recently tested Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers and found their effectiveness in reducing asthma and allergy triggers drastically. Sharp has claimed that they have gone beyond the normal HEPA filter air purification and its award winning Plasmacluster and humidifying function ensures that the air their consumers breathe is as clean as it should be. “These air purifiers have been tested by 28 global labs for their safety and effectives, which speaks volumes about their overall quality, added Mr. Mazumdar.