Mr Mahendra D Jangir, Founder & CEO, Harmano (2)

Harmano to Launch New Sporto Brand Neckbands and Widen their Parnter Network

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Harmano is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of audio devices and accessories, including earphones (wired & wireless), chargers (wall & wireless), USB data cable and earbuds.

During an interaction with Mobility Magazine, Mr Mahendra D Jangir, Founder & CEO, Harmano, explains the latest demand trends, and the Harmano’s Make in India and marketing plans. 

Please brief us about your latest product portfolio?

Harmano is into the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of accessories, from the classic to the trending, from the latest colour shades to the all-time favorites. Harmano’s key products include earphones (wired & wireless), chargers (wall & wireless), USB data cable and earbuds. Harmano’s products come with superior quality and affordable price. Be it wired, wireless, noise-cancelling, or sustainable battery, Harmano has them all. At Harmano, we try to bring out the best mobile accessories and the trending audio devices. 

Which are the most popular of all your products?

At Harmano we strive to maintain and follow our embedded doctrines throughout our journey. Our main motto is to offer the best quality products to our customers at affordable prices. With an aim to lead, Harmano strives to bring the users, the best and trending accessories with durability and reliability. Our Bluetooth and neckbands, earphones are of better quality than other products in the market in terms of quality and price. We at Harmano, use Qualcomm or Airoha Chipset which makes the product durable, and the customers get a replacement ratio of 2.5% only, vis-à-vis the other companies. There is a rising trend of demand for Bluetooth and neckbands. It is very flexible and one can carry it in purse.

What new range of products are you planning to launch?

The brand has always followed the latest technologies and futuristic trends and accordingly incorporated the appropriate in its audio devices. It provides the best comfort and musical experience. At Harmano, people are passionate about enhancing their brand’s reach with the support of partners and customers. We are planning to come up with an upgraded Sporto brand neckbands. Sporto, hands-free portable neckband will have a high-quality sound resolution and would enable the music enthusiasts to stream through their playlists hassle-free without any interruption from the surroundings, all due to its highly efficient CVC Noise Reduction Technology. These earphones will be packaged differently and would be highly compatible as they connect with most devices effortlessly, be it Android, iOS or any other device.

What is your take on Make in India?

The National Policy on Electronics 2019 has set the aim of promoting domestic manufacturing and export in the entire value-chain of ESDM (Electronics System Design and Manufacturing) for economic development to achieve a turnover of Rs 26 lakh crore by 2025. Make in India has a huge scope nowadays and the mobile manufacturers are supposed to benefit a lot from these schemes. However, the point to be borne in mind is the fact that manufacturers should keep quality in mind while manufacturing their products. It is imperative that the Indian manufacturers should improve the quality of their product and bring them at par with the international standards for Make in India to flourish. 

How do you motivate your partners?

We understand that partners are the backbone of the organisation and at Harmano we take care of our partners. For Harmano, offline partners are of prime importance to business and we always keep in mind that they are integral part of our business. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses to maintain and build relationships with consumers. Businesses are now facing tension between generating sales during a period of extreme economic hardship and the new pandemic conditions that have altered consumer priorities and preferences. Even during these unprecedented times, we at Harmano are focussed and want to work together with our partners. 

What are your plans for the coming years?

Harmano products are known for their quality and durability coming at competitive price-points when compared to the opponents. At Harmano, we are passionate about enhancing the brand’s reach with the support of our partners and customers. In the coming years, we plan to achieve more than 200 business partners and retain this achievement. Moreover, at Harmano we believe that a product mode should not be changed. We would always strive for quality rather than quantity. And give the best technology to the customers at affordable prices. Our customers are with us due to quality, affordable price, and trust. Quality, affordable price and trust are the three success mantras that drive the Harmano brand.

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