In conversation with P. Balaji, Managing Director, Nokia India(A subsidiary of Microsoft Mobiles Oy)


nokia_p-balajiWhats all things changed in Nokia after the takeover by Microsoft?
The ownership now change to Microsoft, from the consumer point of view all it means is now you have two companies that have come together as one, the power of time to market to bring innovation will go up significantly. And we will continue to invest in the all price points weather in affordable, midrange or the flagship models.

Tell us about your latest Lumia 630
This Windows first dual SIM smartphone, because about 80% of people in India like the dual SIM variant of mobile phones. And we have added many technical features which user will certainly like. First of all we have put a Qurad- Core Processor in a 11,500 price tag, we are giving Windows 8.1 which is the latest Windows platform launched last month globally. Also like to mention that this is a what we called a smart dual SIM smartphone that will help user to handle personal and professional life much easily. If you look at a battery life prospective we have got a 2000mAh battery life. We also announced launch of few accessories which are very trendy like Treasure Tag with a price tag of 2099/-and a Bluetooth Mini speaker @ 5499/-.
Lumia 630 has two variants, one is dual SIM which will be available 12th and the single SIM variant will be available by end of this month at 10,500/-

As a first device with Windows 8.1 what are the special offerings?
Apart from software feature and enhancement into it we also packed in lots of cloud services that are coming with the Microsoft,7GB of Onedrive with this device apart from that we offer Office 365 straight from the cloud and a bunch of these kind of cloud services that we felt could be a huge value for consumers for their personal space as well as the professional space.

How is the Nokia app store doing?
According to a study In India, on the number of downloads done from the various stores. They estimated it at around 220-230 million downloads a month. The number that gets done on the Nokia store is around 80 million a month. Nearly a third of the downloads are from the Nokia store.

In India, we have a very vibrant developer economy, and the number of people that have been able to monetize using the Nokia store is pretty high. It’s getting a lot of traction. We are picking up simple ideas and making them more elegant so they add value to the entire eco-system, and the acceptance goes up further.

What are your expected market Share?
Two important thing in Indian context last 12 months we have grown triple in Lumia platform, globally we have doubled, India is in the top 4 markets for company also important for us to say that in dual SIM in the less than 12,000 category which has 80% of device based then we are building on the equity we have created with 520 and 525 and with this device as a dual SIM we do expect that we get a fair share of the market.