LinkedIn Launches ‘Stories’ in India


LinkedIn has launched ‘Stories’ in India to help members share everyday professional moments and experiences. This new feature allows members to publish photos and videos up to 20 seconds long, which will be visible on their profiles for 24 hours.

With the growing importance of a virtually connected world, LinkedIn has launched Stories in India to help members share every day, casual updates and experiences from their professional lives, start lightweight conversations, and offer a new way to stay connected with their network. Members can share their everyday professional moments such as work-from-home setups, daily routines, work motivations, events, team calls, industry news, and insights quickly and with ease as it does not stay on a member’s permanent profile.

“In a virtually connected world, ‘Stories’ are the virtual water coolers, where members can share their everyday professional moments in a creative and authentic way, and find a new way to stay connected with their networks. The new look and feel of LinkedIn showcases our commitment to creating an engaging, supportive, diverse, and respectful community, which is at the heart of everything we do at LinkedIn,” says Ashutosh Gupta, India Country Manager, LinkedIn

For India, LinkedIn has launched six localized stickers that serve as quirky depictions of the work-life unique to the country. These stickers feature ‘Auto Rickshaw’ the common choice of commute across cities and states; ‘Jugaad’, the colloquial term for innovations or makeshift hacks; ‘Chai-Time’ to signify the quintessential Indian break at work with a masala chai and a biscuit; ‘Cricket’ to show the nation’s love for their favorite sport; ‘Yoga’ meditation sticker to turn distress into de-stress; and ‘India’ written in kitsch design that can double up as a way to highlight your ‘location’.

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