Mobility Industry Fighting Together During the Second Covid Wave

Mobility Industry Fighting Together During the Second Covid Wave

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Mobility Industry fights back against the impact of Covid 2nd Wave and hopeful that everything will back to normal in a few months.

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard and has ultimately created a panic. It has struck India with an unforeseen fury. Moreover, it has disrupted the economic recovery after the national lockdown during the first wave in 2020.

Although the second wave is sending shock waves across multiple sectors, yet the companies are trying their best to keep up with the pace and sustain themselves in the market.

Our Mobility team has spoken to spokespersons of various organizations in mobility industry and tried to find out the industry feedback and the measures they adopted to sustain themselves during the tough times.

Impact of second Covid wave on Mobility Industry

Mr Rajesh Doshi, MD, Zebronics

Mr Rajesh Doshi, MD, Zebronics, “Like any other industry, we weren’t prepared but are ready to embrace the uncertainty like we did last year by launching our healthcare products like Masks, IR Thermometers, fogging machines, UV sterilizers, Atomizer, PPE Kits, Oximeters and more.  We’re continuing to introduce upgraded models in oximeters, fogging machines and we’ve recently launched Oxygen concentrator and more products are planned for this segment. The pandemic and a new set of rules and regulations including lockdowns have affected our business as well. We’re taking all the measures to keep our employees remotely working and safe. 

Mr. Mandeep Arora, Managing Director & Co- Founder, Ubon

Mr. Mandeep Arora, Managing Director & Co- Founder, Ubon, “An incubus year, 2020, came to an end with a sense of relief in people’s heart along with stability in the economy with the ebb first Covid wave. Things seemed to look good until the second wave of Covid 9 pulled the life to a standstill position. While at present many sectors are suffering, there are sectors which are experiencing a surge in demand for their products and services, typically those dealing their business through ecommerce platforms. At UBON, most products in our product line are available on ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal along with our dedicated E-stores. We continue to experience a good market response via online stores. As consumers are avoiding stepping out of their homes, they are preferring to buying online. This has boosted the traffic on our ecommerce channel and resulted in increase revenue in the last 4 months. Now, most providers see ecommerce platforms as effective channels to reach their customers.”

According to Mr. Rajendra Seksaria, CMD, Balaji Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Foxin) “The second wave of the pandemic has been more devastating than the previous one. We, as an organization are standing together to overcome the challenges that lie ahead of us. The ongoing pandemic has increased the level of consciousness among people about their health and staying fit has become one of the priorities. People have increased their usage of gadgets that help them monitor their health. At Foxin, our primary focus has always been on Innovation and Quality. We have always focused on enhancing superior customer experience. We will continue working towards coming up with more innovative designs and products as per the changing needs of our customers.

Mr. Avneet Singh Marwah, Director and CEO, Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd

Mr. Avneet Singh Marwah, Director and CEO, Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd (a Kodak brand licensee), “The Covid second wave has been severe, both for the industry and the people, in India as we have suffered a great loss, in terms of business and also lives lost. The industry was just recovering from last year’s slump with March 2021 being one the best months for industrial output, but since April, the second wave of covid-19 has brought in another sharp decline.”

Mr. Gopal Jeyaraj, Country Head & SAARC, Anker Innovations

Mr. Gopal Jeyaraj, Country Head & SAARC, Anker Innovations, “Our current strategy is mainly focused on online, similar to all other sectors are doing. Online is the only channel to reach the customer in the present circumstances.”

Mr. Aashish Kumbhat, Founder and Director, Inbase

Mr. Aashish Kumbhat, Founder and Director, Inbase, “We started evolving our business plans prior to the second wave and have been following it since March 2020 when Covid-19 pandemic started first in India followed by lockdowns across the country. Our Covid-19 business plan lays emphasis on online sales as most our retail partner stores and outlets are either completely or partially shut down due to due lockdowns, so we are now selling through both general ecommerce sites and our channel partners’ websites.”

Mr. Parth Gupta, CEO, Champion Electronics

Mr. Parth Gupta, CEO, Champion Electronics, “As a manufacturer of USB Cables & Mobile Chargers, we are constantly developing new models & designs for USB Cable & Mobile Chargers. During the second wave, all raw materials prices have increased and there is a double pressure on us.”

Ms. Komal Agarwal, Co-Founder, Pebble

As per Ms. Komal Agarwal, Co-Founder, Pebble, “With markets closed and restrictions on movement in place, the business has slowed down considerably. But it is also true that demand for certain products has risen due to the work from home and online studies. At Pebble, keeping in mind the current requirements, we have added tablet PCs and new good quality headphones & speakers with a mic to our portfolio. It will take some time for us to get out of this situation. The need of the hour is innovations that solve real barriers and the brands who can strike the right cord will have edge now and in the time to come.” 

Mr. Manoj Gupta, Managing Director, Fortune Marketing Pvt Ltd

Mr. Manoj Gupta, Managing Director, Fortune Marketing Pvt Ltd, “During this COVID-19 pandemic, we are trying to follow all the guidelines of the Government of India and the State Government. As far as working is concerned, we are presently in the work from home mode. We are trying to fulfil the requirements of every customer who wants our products and services, without any delay. The demand for mobility products has declined drastically, so we are waiting patiently for the market to react as the situation eases out. Creating panic during this pandemic will only worsen the present scenario. We are operating with a very limited staff in logistics department to fulfill the sales orders received.”

Mr. Akhilesh Chopra, Marketing Director, Bluei

Mr. Akhilesh Chopra, Marketing Director, Bluei, “The second wave of Covid-19 is truly upon us and is likely to influence the way we work in the future. Though the pandemic has created overwhelming fear, what is causing even more anxiety is the resulting financial pressure and uncertainty. With crores of people being furloughed, incomes have taken a huge hit. Even the lives of those who haven’t lost their jobs have changed completely, with work-from-home becoming the norm for many. We are forced to move our work entirely online during the pandemic to keep our business afloat. In my opinion, it’s a good time to take stock of how the remote work is doing and make any adjustments necessary to help employees be most effective from home. If this period of remote work goes smoothly, we will continue with remote services until the virus is controlled and beyond. Bluei is prepared to change business practices if needed to maintain critical operations. We are having a dialogue with our vendors and partners. Our managers are in touch with business partners and discuss their response plans.”

Mr. Gulshan Kumar Ahuja, CEO, Soroo

According to Mr. Gulshan Kumar Ahuja, CEO, Soroo, “Preparation for second wave of Corona virus is crucial as industries have learned a lot about the chaotic effects of the first wave on sales and consumer behavior. Now businesses need to shift to ecommerce based services to sustain themselves. We are communicating transparently with partners and consumers, trying to provide top quality products to customers and involving more in advertisement and promotion of the brand.”

Mr. Nikhlesh Arora, Director, Nextgen

Mr. Nikhlesh Arora, Director, Nextgen, “Though the second wave forced many states to enforce a lockdown, the relief point is ecommerce entities were allowed to operate. The NextGen products are available on all the leading ecommerce sites. We had foreseen this exigency in advance and planned to tide over the expected decrease in demand by aggressively marketing our products through online channels. Music can be a source of mental peace during times of extreme stress and NextGen products enhanced the soothing experience music afforded to our clients.”

Mr. Rajesh Chopra, Managing Director, Rise Electronics

Mr. Rajesh Chopra, Managing Director, Rise Electronics, “The pandemic has left us with uncertainty and caused many people with low income taken a huge hit. We at Rise Electronics are prepared to change our business practices if needed to maintain critical operations. We are keeping pace with the latest developments and we are in dialogue with our vendors and partners. Our managers are in constant touch with our business partners and helping them in their response plans.”

Mr. Mahendra D Jangir, Founder & CEO, Harmano

Mr. Mahendra D Jangir, Founder & CEO, Harmano, “Subsequent lockdowns have reduced the sales and revenues. There is a huge demand, but the supply chain disruptions have set limits to business. We understand that ups and downs are part of business, and hope things will be able to come back to the normal. We are focusing our best to boost our online sales as most our retail partners stores and outlets are shut due to due lockdowns. We are using the platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc to boost sales.”

Mr. Manvendra Chandola, CEO, Riversong

According to Mr. Manvendra Chandola, CEO, Riversong, “For us everything is on hold. The impact of the second wave has been is much stronger. Our business is fully dependent on retailers but most shops are closed. All that we can do is pray for safety of all human beings. We avoided any business discussions with our teams, because we want our team to focus on the safety of their family members. Few of them lost their family members and relatives as well Unfortunate tragedy.”

Mr. Paresh Vij, Founder & Director, U&i

According to Mr. Paresh Vij, Founder & Director, U&i, “The biggest problem that we are facing is lockdowns have the supply of products has been hampered. There is a huge demand in the market, but the supply chain is being hit due to the lockdown. However, it is imperative that we follow the government restrictions failing which the pandemic will spread like fire. We also feel that a business has ups and downs and soon we will be able to come back to the normal. To overcome this hurdle, our Covid-19 business plan has laid emphasis on online sales as most our retail partners stores and outlets are shut down due to due lockdowns and also, we are aggressively using our website and social media handles to promote and sell our products along with other ecommerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.”

Mr. Tarun Bhutani, Managing Director, Amani

Mr. Tarun Bhutani, Managing Director, Amani, “The second wave of Covid is a lot more severe than the first wave and led to many repercussions, especially for the mobility industry. The experience of the US and Europe who have effectively had the second wave managed tells us of the concerns that India has – lack of effective administration. Many urban areas like those in Mumbai and Delhi are under state government-enforced lockdowns, and the business volumes have dropped significantly in the last few months! It is also important to note that small businesses suffered heavily compared to large corporations. Due to lack of planning as well as fewer resources to bounce back in business, many small companies will face major troubles. One of the most effective methods to deal with losses is the same old technique – demand creation. Another step that could be taken is digitization of business operations. So, businesses operating offline till now must start thinking about going online to reach as more customers. As an old proverb says, ‘If customer does not get to the product, bring the product to the customer.’ This guideline can be used as an effective business strategy during the second wave of Covid-19 to stop the adverse effects on industries.”

Mr. Jitender Bhatia, Managing Director, JBTek

According to Mr. Jitender Bhatia, Managing Director, JBTek, “Covid second wave has shaken the country to the core and severely affected every individual in one way or the other. Just as we were adjusting our daily lives to the new realities after the first wave, the new wave completely shattered our hopes. The heart-wrenching scenes from across the country prompted us to prioritize the well-being of our health over other needs. As the country struggles with the crisis of the pandemic, the rise in negativity has been equally devastating. In addition to the basic precautions that we must take to shield ourselves from the harm of the virus, we must never weaken our Will, as we fight this long battle. In order to combat this virus successfully we have to rise to the occasion as one nation. We must respect and uphold the sacrifice of our front-line workers. This is a time for the people of this country to shun all differences and assemble their armory of adherence, respect, love, and forgiveness to defeat the pandemic and bring back normalcy.”

Mr. Atul Gupta, CEO, Rx Infotech Pvt Ltd

Mr. Atul Gupta, CEO, Rx Infotech Pvt Ltd, “Agreed, the Pandemic has affected every industry and every organization, leaving out few. Amongst these few is the ecommerce and online channels, where not surprisingly we can observe a rapid growth. Adapting to the market conditions, we have started to level up our online presence and amplify the reach. The strategy is also to focus on the products needed in ‘work-from-home’ as the demand for such products increases during the lockdown. The marketing focus has also shifted to Online and Social media.”

Mr. Varun Agarwal, Director, Mobatree

Mr. Varun Agarwal, Director, Mobatree, “During the pandemic, we learned that humanity is more important than profit. So we decided to give out rations to the employees who come under lower income group. Moreover we have also realised that mental health is also important.”

Mr. Rajesh Goenka, Director, Sales & Marketing, RP Tech India

Mr. Rajesh Goenka, Director, Sales & Marketing, RP Tech India, “We have focused on every business opportunity we could tap in the current scenario. We have taken several initiatives to help channel partners to sustain their businesses. We launched Green Zone and Orange Zone offers in 2020, which were a huge success in the channel. These programs helped partners liquidate their stocks and bring their business back on the track. We also launched various schemes focused on WFH and LFH solutions to cater to the market demand of computers/laptops and related hardware. While we ensured business continuity, we also leveraged this time to strengthen our ties with channel partners through various partner engagement programs. In short, we were quick to adapt to the new normal and that helped us to grow at a consistent double digit growth rate during the last 2 years.”

How brands strengthening relationships with partners and motivating them during these tough times

Mr Rajesh Doshi, Zebronics, “We are making sure that products are available pan India while following up the local lockdown protocols for different regions. We are giving our partners more opportunities with different health care related products in these testing times and are also extending our support in the best possible ways. Zebronics has wonderful and loyal channel partners across India, they play an important role in the success of the company. We understand that this is a difficult and challenging time for everyone and we’re trying our best to help everyone.

Mr. Rajendra Seksaria, Foxin, “Due to the ongoing pandemic, people have started adopting more technological devices and virtual facilities. We tend to offer the same to our employees and patrons. We are making every possible arrangement to make these available to all our patrons and employees.”

Mr. Avneet Singh Marwah of Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd (a Kodak brand licensee), “Vaccination is the only long-term solution. In addition to the frontline workers, the vaccination needs to be rolled out to the larger community so that we all can resume work and continue to contribute to the society.”

According to Mr. Akhilesh Chopra of Bluei, “Our strategy is multi-channel for marketing involves providing both existing and potential customers with a range of avenues they can use to connect with Bluei. For instance, if you have got a mobile gadget store, an ecommerce shop, a PR campaign, and a social media marketing strategy, then you’re providing your audience with various ways to reach out to your brand. We focus on the customers we already have. With the lockdowns and travel restrictions of the pandemic, it’s no surprise that everything is shifting online. We are updating our company websites, planning new social media campaigns, and focusing more on e-commerce trends and channels. Now is the time to increase our online presence.”

Mr. Nikhlesh Arora of Nextgen, “This has been a time of distress for every business and we are also in the same boat. We are supporting our team in whichever way we can. In the near future, we see the demand for our products is increasing exponentially. We intend to support our channels with enhanced creditlines as well as providing them with our newest offerings which we intend to unveil the moment things look promising.”

Mr. Mahendra D Jangir of Harmano, “Our channel partners are like our family members. In today’s world, when mobile phones have become a necessity, the mobile accessories are no exceptions due to their massive implementation in mobiles. At Harmano, we believe that partners are very crucial for our business. We keep on motivating the partners and give them incentives for their hard work. During tough times also we have tried to maintain an extremely healthy relationship with them.”

Ms. Komal Agarwal of Pebble, “This is truly an overwhelming situation and it is only together we can get out of it. Through our big stockist, we are trying to help mid-size and small retailers sustain themselves. We strongly believe that unless we start supporting retailers the entire channel will collapse.”

Mr. Paresh Vij of U&I, “Our channel partners are backbone of our business. U&i, as the name suggests, we believe ‘Hum Aur AAP,’ which means the channel partners are like a family for us. We are motivating the partners and consumers to get vaccinated. Those 1000 customers who will get the first dose of vaccination will receive a U&i Wireless Neckband as a complimentary gift from U&i.”

Mr. Gulshan Kumar Ahuja of Soroo, “It is important for our distributors to know what we are thinking, and it is also important for them to know that we appreciate their feedback and consider their opinions as well. In the end, they’re the ones putting our product out there, so it’s very important for them to feel like their opinions matter to us.”

Mr. Tarun Bhutani of Amani, “During these tough times, it is essential to construct a channel strategy. Firstly, it is vital to make rules based on which markets you’re focusing on and what you want as a pre-plan. The present shoppers are more educated and requesting than any time in recent history. They need their brands to comprehend their requirements and give consistency in delivery/performance. All in all, here is an ideal channel methodology. One of the Channel techniques is to be in touch with the existing as well as potential customers through mailers, sms, etc. Online media can drive thoughtfulness and association with the clients and they remain brand-loyal for a longer period of time. Another way is to be active and loud digitally (on social media platforms) in front of the interest groups. Showcasing products to the customers is one of the numerous ways to show that the organizations are adjusting their channel advertising methodology to suit clients that need to shape further associations. Through friendly missions and individual selling, brands can effectively advance themselves and draw in more buyers.”

Mr. Manvendra Chandola of Riversong, “Everything is on hold as of now. Once market opens, we will review the market situation and will act accordingly. My expectation is market this time will be slower than what it was post-Covid in 2020.Customers will spend very wisely this time. Why? Because this time people are struggling to survive; due to loss of jobs, salary cuts, whatever saving they have they have already spent last year.”

Mr. Mandeep Arora of Ubon, “A lot has changed in the shopping trends in the last decade. One of the noticeable changes is brands are betting big on the online platform or starting their own ecommerce channel. The reason behind this shift is the fast paced life and inconvenience caused due to big queues in the stores. With the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, this shift has surged further as personal hygiene and social distancing have emerged as top priorities among all. Thus, the online shopping has become not only a choice but more of a necessity in the new normal.”

Mr. Manoj Gupta, Fortune Marketing Pvt Ltd, “This fact cannot be denied that we all are facing pandemic very seriously. Every individual and channel is affected badly. In this scenario, we are trying to extend every possible support to our partners in terms of after-sales support or logistical support. Our support team is working from home to provide support to every partner who is in need. Also, our sales team is just a phone call away to understand the partners’ requirements and fulfill them as per the situation.”

Mr. Rajesh Chopra of Rise Electronics, “Channel strategy is our key focus and we at Rise electronics always focus on maintaining an extraordinarily strong relationship with our channel partners. It is through the channel partners that a company can grow. Our strategy is multi-channel for marketing which involves providing both the existing and the potential customers with a range of avenues. We not only focus on the existing customers but also try to get in touch with more customers. With the lockdowns and travel restrictions of the pandemic, online is getting prime importance, so we are trying to increase our focus on planning new social media campaigns and focus on ecommerce trends and channels.”

Mr. Atul Gupta of Rx Infotech Pvt Ltd, “Lapcare as a brand has always kept its partners and customers first and addresses their needs on priority. During these challenging times, we have been maintaining constant touch with our channel partners providing all the help we could. The channel and regional teams are taking orders on phone while logistics wing is aggressively ensuring timely deliveries so that the demands in each corner of the supply chain could be met. Encouraging our partners, keeping things on a positive note, and keeping up together are amongst our top priorities.”

According to Mr. Jitender Bhatia of JBTek, “We decided to redesign our channel strategy given the current situation. We worked out a plan and reemphasized our focus on our online services. The idea was to strengthen our website and social media to cater to the consumers. We made sure to inculcate in our plan the needs of our customers in the current conditions and delivered the same through our services. In addition to our online services, we are always there to support our channel partners in any manner possible. Seeing the current situations and dip in sales, we are planning to increase our warranty periods on products so that our channel partners can get better access to our services.”

Mr. Varun Agarwal of Mobatree, “Our channel partners are our family members. In fact, when recently some of the channel partners had turned Covid positive, we helped them to admit them in hospital. We also arranged for 80 oxygen cylinders for the partners.”

According to Mr. Gopal Jeyaraj of Anker Innovations, “We are focusing majorly on visibility and awareness of the products through online channel and we are getting a very good response.”

Mr. Parth Gupta of Champion Electronics, “We are supporting our customers with the lowest possible prices so that the partners businesses do not suffer.”

Mr. Rajesh Goenka of RP Tech India says, “As mentioned, we launched various partner-centric business schemes to help partners meet the market demand of computer hardware. We ensure continued value-added support to partners in every phase of business cycle.”

Mr. Aashish Kumbhat, Inbase, “Our channel partners are the backbone of our business. We are jointly working with them and we are also using their platforms to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with the internal and external world. We are giving extensive training to our channel partners’ sales team to understand the aesthetics of our range of products. As a brand catering with diverse portfolio, we are utilizing this period conducting productive knowledge-sharing sessions which helps partners to succeed in these challenging times.”

Ravi Daryani, Zavia

According to Ravi Daryani, Zavia, “In this lockdown, offline business is affected badly as this time pandemic is very severe and morbidity rate is higher than last year. We are analyzing our product mix to create value for money products baskets to enhance our channel partners profit and overall customer’s satisfaction.”

Messages to partners from the brands

Mr. Rajendra Seksaria of Foxin, “As we recognize the challenges that our country is facing today, we encourage safety and strict obeying of basic protocols that are spread by the government. We do not have an option but to follow Covid safety procedures. Businesses can go back to normal only when we follow the rules and fight the virus by being united.  We would urge everyone to get vaccinated. We are in this together and we will overcome this dire situation together.”

Mr. Rajesh Doshi of Zebronics, “We want to give an assurance to the channel partners that together we will emerge back even stronger from this situation. We need to be patient and stay strong throughout the pandemic. As a brand we have taken many steps to keep the business running smoothly, while following the guidelines from govt. and the health officials. Our team is continuously working with customers and partners, providing uninterrupted support. We are also simultaneously working on the development of many new Made in India products. We extend our sympathy to everyone who is impacted by this pandemic and offer our gratitude to the front linehealth workers and organizations who are battling these challenging times.

Mr. Ravi Daryani of Zavia, “India is fighting in full swing with pandemic and all health workers are working to their extreme. We will overcome soon from this situation. We tell our partners to ‘Stay home and stay safe with your family.’”

Mr. Aashish Kumbhat of Inbase, “In these uncertain times, the organizations will have to adopt hybrid working environments with the best technological and communicating solutions to be able to meet the consumer demands. It is high time we all develop unconventional ways of doing business through innovative ideas and by capitalizing on the potential of digital mediums. Be positive and hope things will get normal soon.”

Mr. Rajesh Goenka of RP Tech India, “The COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay and we will have to accept the new normal and move forward. Partners will have to be innovative in terms of business and customer engagement. It is important to understand market demand and tap right growth prospects to succeed in business.”

Mr. Atul Gupta of Rx Infotech Pvt Ltd, “Pandemic has been tough on each one of us, it has impacted businesses in adverse ways. Adapting, Evolving, and maintaining a positive attitude are the only ways to move forward. We stand together and we stand united, help each other in the ways we can. Stay safe and take covid guidelines seriously, and things will be better soon.”

Mr. Gopal Jeyaraj of Anker Innovations, “We are hoping to sail through this pandemic soon and get back to support our offline partners as well who have helped us in thick and thin of the business.”

Ms. Komal Agarwal of Pebble, “These are difficult and uncertain times, but we must help each other to get out of this. We feel our stakeholders, partners and employees are an integral part of Pebble and our real assets. In Pebble, we firmly believe in taking care of one another will be beneficial for the all and our organization too in the long run.”

Mr. Jitender Bhatia of JBTek, “Small businesses must not give up. Strategic planning built on understanding the customers’ demands will definitely help businesses to make some profit even in such precarious times. We hope that our country comes out of this crisis as soon as possible. Our wish is that the aftermath of this pandemic brings us together as one united force, ignoring the differences of caste, class, gender or religion.”

Mr. Mandeep Arora of Ubon says that they are focused on ensuring both the health and safety of the employees, customers, and partners. He adds, “We are equipped and committed to offering the high-quality sales and customer service. Our product success team is here to assist partners round the clock. We have received acknowledgements from customers congratulating the product success team for their special efforts in solving problems in the current crisis situation. Our sales and customer success teams are working closely with our customers through a variety of remote connectivity tools. I am personally thankful for the smooth transition our teams have made in ensuring business continuity while we too have transitioned to working from home. Should globally conditions shift, we are confident we can quickly respond to changing market dynamics, minimizing impacts to our business and disruptions to our customers and partners.”

Mr. Paresh Vij of U&i, “India is a strong country and we always fight and come back, so let us not give up. We are sure that this time also we will fight the situation and come out victorious. U&I is always there with the partners and consumers. We should focus on helping each other in every possible way now.”

Mr. Varun Agarwal of Mobatree, “At this point of time, we believe that Make in India will be especially important. We all should believe in Make in India and stay focused.”

Mr. Manoj Gupta of Fortune Marketing Pvt Ltd asks everyone to have patience and stay united. He says, “Keep patience and just wait for the time. We will come out of this bad phase and the market will bloom as India is an optimistic and energetic country. Let us fight this pandemic together.”

Mr. Tarun Bhutani of Amani, “Many organizations are struggling to keep their monetary wheels turning during the lockdown and to stay in competition. In these times, it is extremely important for the organizations to conduct a legitimate evaluation of their fixed and variable costs, which will give them a reasonable image of where they stand monetarily and help them in preparing for future. A firm must take steps to correspond with their partners and investors, oversee workers as they work from home, be actively transparent with the customers & clients on social media and keep solid relationship with all.” 

Mr. Manvendra Chandola of Riversong, “The vaccination drive is in progress and I am sure we have already passed the worst of pandemic (wave 2). Things will move in slower way, but we as a country will win this battle. We must continue with Covid appropriate behavior. I feel if there will be another wave, it’s going to be very minimal.”

Mr. Akhilesh Chopra of Bluei, “I am proud of my employees’ efforts during these unprecedented times. COVID-19 is a global pandemic that impacts all of us. We are working around the clock to ensure we protect our employees while still serving vulnerable populations. Our first concern is the wellbeing and security of our employees, customers and partners. We have adjusted to the changing environment rapidly, and our administrations will keep on being usable and open without interference. We have a strong activity plan and we executed explicit precautionary measures.”

Mr. Nikhlesh Arora of Nextgen, “The message we like to share is that this phase is temporary and the very soon the demands will pick up. Every business must stand by its people and we intend to stand by our team and partners. We will help them to increase sales to levels higher than earlier. Our endeavour will be to offset their reduced margins by providing them various facilities which we will announce from time to time in future.”

Mr. Rajesh Chopra of Rise Electronics, “Keeping in mind the current scenario, we encourage social distancing and following the government rules. The wellbeing and security of our employees, customers, and partners are of prime concern. We have adjusted to the changing environment rapidly with our teams available all the time to help our partners. We are hopeful that soon we will come out victorious and win the battle.”

Mr. Mahendra Jangir of Harmano, “We should come and help each other in every possible way because these are trying times and we need to be together to face and win. We should follow the government restrictions and stand united. We are hopeful that soon this stage will end. “

Mr. Parth Gupta of Champion Electronics, “We hope that after lockdown ends, everyone is able to restart their work normally & and businesses will spring back to normalty.”

To Sum Up

Compared to many other industries, mobility industry is doing far better during the pandemic, though there is drop in revenues. In these trying times, we need to be together to face it and win. We need to help one another, follow the government safety guidelines and stand united. We are sure that soon all businesses will be on right track. During these times many brands and partners found revving up their digital methods of promoting and selling is able to cushion the shocks of the pandemic, so the right thing to do is go digital wherever possible and work from home as much as you can, stay connected to all the stakeholders – partners, vendors, customers and employees. There have been some hindrances in supply chain due to lockdowns, but we are sure these will be past soon. The message to all is stay calm, be confident and look forward with optimism.

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