Our expertise in providing original and globally relevant content across several categories multiplies the probability of reaching out to the wider audience.


Q.What is WittyFeed and how it works?

Co- Founders, WittyFeed (L-R) Parveen Singhal, Vinay Singhal & Shashank Vaishnav

A. WittyFeed is India’s largest viral content company and the world’s second largest in terms of traffic numbers. Recently we were recognized as 20th most visited site surpassing Twitter and Instagram, which is a milestone for our company.

We work in a steadily growing ecosystem of content creators, publishers, and consumers with an aim to monetize the reach of the intended message behind the campaign. Our expertise in providing original and globally relevant content across several categories multiplies the probability of reaching out to the wider audience.

In the recent times, brands have started taking the route of “Social media marketing” to deliver their messages through a one-stop “content exchange.” Here, WittyFeed has emerged as a brand empowerment tool for them, taking in the constraint of their message, target group, audience and the budget. We have in-house editing team to provide hassle-free publishing with exposure to millions of right audience and monetization in the process.

Hence, for content consumers, we are a great platform to discover and read new content, and for brands, we are a great platform to make their messaging go viral.

Q. How it all started? Tell us about the inception.
A. The journey of WittyFeed was started in 2010 with a Facebook page called “Amazing Things in the World” which went viral reaching 4 Million followers in the very short span of time. After hitting that number, we realized the need to monetize that audience. There we came up with a thought to built a website with inserted ad sense and started our journey. But the lack of content had brought stagnation to the page. That is when we came up with the idea of starting a platform with original content in a myriad of categories. And in September 2014, we launched WittyFeed under Vatsana Technologies, headquartered at Indore, MP.

The platform was founded way back when I was in my engineering college, by me and Shashank Vaishnav, who was there in engineering college when the idea of entrepreneurship kicked off. Later on, we were joined by Parveen Singhal, my brother. So, while still studying, we all found our calling and started working together.

Q. What are the key ingredients you think can make a content Viral?
A. Creating an intended content that can aggrandize the message and can go viral is a real task on its own. The key ingredients that together can make a content go viral include:

I. Curiosity – Makes content clickable
As they say, just don’t create content but create curiosity among the masses to make your content go viral. Even if you have a value added original content with a catchy title which is properly uploaded on time over the internet, it will still not be a viral content until and unless it learns to excite curiosity. To garner more attention to your content there requires the critical principle of curiosity to get that attention to your content. The most prominent tactics by which one can generate curiosity among the users is a clickable title and thumbnails.

II. Emotions: Makes content shareable
Emotions shared through the words, pictures, videos, memes, etc. connects the audiences more than any embedded message does. The posts which can make people feel, think and act has more connectivity to their target audience. We as content marketing platform use emotional intelligence in building a relationship with our existing or prospective customers by injecting creativity in their content. The emotions inspire a human being to click, making content go viral. Giving an emotional impact to your content that a reader feels deep can definitely make him/her share that particular story immediately with others.

III. Seeding: Makes content discoverable
It is a strategic process to make the content scatter across the web world. Discovering the most unique, value-added content and then reaching out to the right users is way too important in seeding. This will get a higher number of impressions and help to spread & discover the content in the required networks.

Q. These days more and more young people are into blogging, Vlogs, and Instagram, your suggestion to them how to go about it.
A. To all those curious content creators, always remember a fact that everybody can create content but only a few can make their content go viral. If you wanted to bring a hurricane with your content, then be relevant, be precise and talk to the user in their respective language. Remember the fact that Quality will always win over the quantity.

Q. In the recent times, we have seen that the online marketing trend has changed a lot. Your take on it.
A. Storytelling has always been the best way for marketers and the digital content marketing helped them realize this better than ever. The users are getting banner blind day by day and so online content marketing has come out as the way to reach out to them. The contextual and relevant idea being sent to the user while talking about the brand subtly in the stories is the way forward. Here the online marketing trends made the brands realize that they’ll have to find ways to connect with the user emotionally, not just by selling products.

Q. What are the upcoming trends you feel will drive this segment in future?
A. Digital usually means a lot of data. Content Marketing bit of digital is missing the data piece at this moment. I think technology is going to play a very vital role in the way content marketing will evolve in next three 3 years. We as publishers/platform providers will have to start collecting data and help the brands to find ROI angle out of their content marketing budgets. Only articles and engagements on social media won’t be enough to sustain in the long term.