Route Mobile Releases Newest Solution ‘Verbatim’ to Simplify Compliance Process

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Route Mobile announced the release of its newest solution, ‘Verbatim’, to simplify and expedite the compliance process for banking and financial instructions, as well as enterprise clients and increase Customer & Agent Satisfaction across the board.

In a typical scenario, a bank’s contact center is obligated by law to explicitly provide specific disclosures to the end customer. This process usually occurs with the customer- agents reading it out over a long call, which can be time-consuming, confusing, and not always have the desired result of clarity. Verbatim solves this problem by sending a short URL via SMS and/or email that takes the customer to a webpage with all required disclosures and terms & conditions for easy acceptance. The solution provides enhanced analytics and tracking of end-users’ acceptance for robust recordkeeping.

Rajdip Kumar Gupta, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer, Route Mobile, said, “Our constant endeavor has been to simplify communications both for enterprises and its customers with our cutting-edge technology using CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service). Verbatim is one of the newest offerings that helps enterprises to boost compliance conversions and shorten the agent-customer interaction time. It improves customer satisfaction by providing a choice of how to receive and acknowledge compliance information using their most preferred mode of communication. Furthermore, it also reduces agent fatigue related to reading the same disclosures repeatedly.”

Digital channels, including text messages and email, can increase conversions and facilitate better engagement among customers who prefer not to talk to an agent over the phone. Many people appreciate having more time to respond to an inquiry without the time constraints of a live conversation. Minimizing such conversations could help boost conversions and CSAT scores as well.

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