U&i Launches Wide Range of Neckbands & Trolley Speakers


U&i brand one of the leading providers of mobile accessories in India currently boasts over 600 products in 23 product categories in their array. Today, the brand stands tall in the Indian market as a brand that offers world-class products at the most affordable prices. In an interaction with Mobility magazine, Mr Paresh Vij, Founder & Director of U&i shares their company’s current market strategy and future plans

Mr Paresh Vij shares, “Targeting the Indian middle-class market, we have a wide range of 12 neckbands, which can run for 12 hrs, 20 hrs, 30 hrs, 50 hrs, 60 hrs, etc and all these come at cheap and best prices. We have two brand ambassadors who are Bollywood actors: Shahid Kapoor for mobile accessories and John Abraham for batteries. Within the batteries, we will soon launch many new versions. We are also launching a wide range of speakers, including trolley speakers at different sizes and different wattages, aimed at the middle-class market. We are already into Make in India, manufacturing cables, powerbanks, etc. In the coming months and years, we will try to manufacture more of our products in India. U&i is for India—born to win.”