Lead the Change and Make a Difference


Mobility India meets Mr. Deepak Kabu who joins Ziox Mobiles as its Chief Executive Officer, having more than two decades of experience in distribution,marketing and sales he is presently focusing on the driving last mile visibility & availability for Ziox devices.

Q. Though Ziox is very new in the market, it started very aggressively in the feature phone segment. We at Mobility India like to know what are the key factors that drive your brand and help you gain in future. Please describe these key factors in detail.

A. Our vision at Ziox is to be an enabler and our quality products will help us live up to the expectations of consumers along with uncomplicated yet robust technology. By quality products I mean the products which are actually needed by people, which will be easy-to-use, which will address all of a user’s needs and will truly partner him in making his life simpler. Technology after all is not about complicating life but simplifying it. Also our state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facility focuses on constant innovations, turning ideas into reality. Lastly, we have the best team which includes industry veterans and trustworthy channel partners. With these key elements we at Ziox foresee a promising future to drive the brand and gaining stronger footing in the market.
Q. As an industry veteran, you have seen many challenges and overcame them. How do you develop strategies for your team and motivate them in difficult situations?
A. I believe, you may not be able to control every situation and its outcome but you can control your attitude by keeping yourself positive and be prepared to deal with difficult situations. Never quit, if you stumble, but get up and strive forward is the success mantra of my life. When the going gets tough, motivation is certainly one of the keys to effective leadership, but figuring out how to do it in the midst of a difficult environment can certainly be challenging. The reality is that there isn’t a bag of tricks – just a few proven secrets that will enhance your ability to motivate your team in virtually any environment.

Q. What is your mantra to your team as a leader?

A. My leadership mantra is encapsulated in two simple phrases: “Lead the Change and Make a Difference.” Learn powerful principles to help you think like an elite warrior and lead with dignity to achieve success in life. I also believe that to be a proficient leader, it is very important to empower others along the way.

Q. As a new brand, what are your best offerings for the market?

A. Basically there are two main parameters on which a Ziox device will be picked by consumers, one – strict quality assurance, and two – uncomplicated products. Our products go through rigorous quality checks before they hit the market shelves which assure maximum reliability to the consumers. In a market flooded with devices which are neither quality-assured nor easy-to-use, we are sure that consumers will make the right choice in going for a Ziox device.

Q. As you know, festivals are a good-time to popularize any brand. Are you planning any special activities with your partners this festive season?

A. Festivals are an excellent opportunity for any company to promote their products and for Ziox it’s of prime importance as we aim for multifold sales growth before the end of this festive season. We have planned several channel partner meets at pan India level to help us determine the key aspects to focus on this festive season and also to strengthen our relations with them. To promote our products and penetrate further into the Indian markets, we are offering lucrative & attractive trade schemes on our products and to familiarize the customer with our efficient handsets, we have laid out a strategic plan for BTL activities across India.

Q. How are you building your network throughout India?

A. Currently we are focusing on the offline sales strategies as we would be driving last mile visibility & availability for Ziox devices. We have made a systematic roadmap to strengthen our existing pan India network and the focus is to increase the width of distribution deep across India as the company aims to expand aggressively with several new launches in pipeline.