Mr. Avinash Gilhotra, Director of Sonilex Car Accessories

Sonilex Car Accessories Aims to be one of the Leading Brands for Car Audio & Accessories in the Indian Market

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Sonilex, based out of Delhi, is prominent brand of a wide range of car audio & accessories that appeal to the tastes of the latest generation youngsters and car users. In an interaction with Mobility Magazine, Mr. Avinash Gilhotra, Director of Sonilex Car Accessories, shares their brand’s policy, market strategy and future plans. 

Q. What opportunities do you see for car accessories in India?

Currently, car accessories market is very big and offers a lot of opportunities to the quality-proven brands. We provide high-quality, affordable & value for money products with 1-year warranty. These accessories can make your driving experience better by helping you personalize your ride! Many items of our brand like car mobile holders, car chargers, knob, steering covers, base tube, MP3 players etc are in great demand from the customers.

Q. How do you position Sonilex brand in Indian car accessories market?

Sonilex is well-known in the Indian market as specialized in transforming the latest innovations into complete technological solutions that deliver superior value and customer satisfaction. Supported by a team of committed and energetic professionals, Sonilex has been able to perfectly align itself with the changing needs and upgrading technology with a strong focus on quality, modern look, durability, finishing, box-packaging and strong export cartons.

Q. What challenges are you facing during the lockdown? What is your post-pandemic strategy?

Due to Covid-19 lockdowns, businesses are experiencing a major impact no matter how established they are. It has become challenging for most businesses to keep their financial wheels turning during the lockdown due to dip in revenues and the general uncertainty in the global financial environment. So during this challenging phase, we are trying to stay positive and find new innovative strategies to keep going. We hope the Covid will come under control soon and business will spring back.

Q. What is the USPs of the Sonilex brand? 

USPs of Sonilex includes efficient quality management that made Sonilex a reputed brand. We always provide the best quality products to the customers. We use the market development checklist to win the lead market segments.

Q. Please brief us about your channel structure and priorities while selecting channel partners.

Channel partners are very important for us. When the channel partners are motivated, they have the drive to meet the targets and contribute to the growth of the brand. Today, we have over 100 channel partners all over India. While selecting a partner, we judge the number of wholesalers each partner has in his network, if he is capable of achieving our target or not, his reputation amongst wholesalers and retailers, and the industry segment in which he is strong.

Q. What is your opinion about Make in India? What role does the government play in boosting the Make in India ecosystem?

We are trying to use domestic raw materials and components as far as possible. But speaking honestly, currently in India, the ecosystem to manufacture all the car accessories is not available. At present, several components and raw materials that are not available domestically have to be imported mostly from China. To change this situation, the government has to make a determined effort to create the necessary infrastructure to manufacture in India and also provide the essential financial support in the form of liberal loans, tax holidays, etc. Then only we can overcome the dependence on China. The government should make extra efforts to attract more manufacturers to invest in India. Talking in terms of future, there are going to be a lot of opportunities for the Indian and foreign brands which want to manufacture in India with Swadeshi and vocal for local campaigns gaining momentum. Today, people are ready to shun Chinese brands in favor of Indian brands. Also Make in India creates lots of jobs to the local people, besides making India a self-reliant manufacturer. It also prevents the flight of hard-earned foreign currency. So let us all work together to make India an independent manufacturing hub of global standards.

Q. What are your future plans and where you want to be in the next 2 years?

Customer satisfaction is very important for a brand to survive and grow. If there are 20 brands in the market at present, only 5 brands will survive after 5 years. Currently, we are selling well and hope to grow more in future. Sonilex aims to be one of the top brands in Car Accessories segment in India.

Q. What message do you want to give to your channel partners and customers?

We thank our partners wholeheartedly for their support in helping us to establish Sonilex brand in the Indian market within a short span of time. We also thank the customers for reposing their faith in our brand and appreciating the quality of our products. I assure our channel partners the best possible support from our side. We will continue to maintain the right business ethics and transparency in all our business practices with partners and work towards growing our relationships with them stronger. Sonilex will continue to design and develop products according to the latest needs of the market. We are very optimistic about our future progress and with the support of our partners and customers; Sonilex will emerge as one of the leading brands for Car Audio & Accessories in the Indian market.

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