“Astrum is consistent dedication to customer’s satisfaction and wide sales and service network.”

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Mr. Manoj Kumar Pansari – CEO

Astrum one of the leading ‘New Technology’ brands manufacturing IT peripherals in India, since the inception in Hong Kong in 2008 until now, with key aim of the Brand remains unchanged: to enable people to get worldwide access to new technologies, in the field of consumer electronics. Whether it is for Mobile Accessories, Audio devices, IT or LED Lights, they too have a complete range of Car Charger, Car mobile holders come in car accessories. Mobility India recently interacted with Mr. Manoj Kumar Pansari to know more about Astrum’s plan for 2018.

How is the accessories market evolving?
There are 990 Million Mobile subscribers in India of which Smartphone users are pegged at 40% taking the total number of smart phones in India to approximately 400 Million. As it would be obvious these numbers are mind boggling and what is even more exciting is the fact that India is still 10% lesser than the Global average of 50% penetration of Smart Phone users. As it is obvious from the above, India has still a lot of catching up to do over the coming years, hence the forecast for the Smart Phone and accessories space in out and out bullish, as where there are Smart Phone there are the many accessories which go along with it.
Hence, our reading for the Mobile Accessories Market in India is the coming times are very exciting in terms of the business growth and we are gearing up with innovative and user friendly products to cater to the growing demand of Hi-Tech accessories like fast charging in a fast paced world.

What are the strong points of brand Astrum?
Our undying focus to bring quality products to improve the lives of our consumers and our commitment to innovation have been our driving force. Astrum has price-performance at its core and hence are always working towards bringing better quality products time and again at a reasonable price point. Astrum is consistent dedication to customer’s satisfaction and wide sales and service network. With the key vision, to think smart and challenge the norm by creating high quality products that are innovative and serve the purpose of enhancing the way people live, Astrum aims to make people ‘Experience the Difference’. Undoubtedly, our products tailored with the new age technology at best price points have struck the right chord with the consumers, in the Indian Market.

Are you planning to establish your manufacturing or assembling unit in India?
Yes, that’s on the cards, very soon we would be making announcements on the same.

Did any govt. policies made any positive or negative effect in recent times?
India is today a very investor friendly country, and we are amazed by the impetus given to the manufacturing sector under the “Make in India” initiative. We are excited to be starting our manufacturing in India in such a conducive environment.

Astrum big plans for 2018 and beyond
Our plans are to consolidate on the existing goodwill that we enjoy with our partners and consumers alike and leverage on the top of the mind recall for the brand, which we have so painstakingly built over the years, to work towards are revenue goals.
We have recently established our presence in the Eastern Region and have also made deep in-roads in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities,. The brand to connect to the right consumers at right touch points shall also enable 360⁰communication to increase brand penetration. As far as marketing is concerned our journey has been a roller-coaster ride. By introducing various schemes along with the launch of our new products, and constantly reworking the schemes on our existing products combined with various activities and programs to provide the much required air cover to assist in Sell Out, we devise our strategies with dedication to our core faiths and with our partner interests as a key parameter. Our sales objective for the next fiscal year is also forecasted to achieve substantial growth.

The market is buoyant, our commitment to the cause has never been stronger and our goals are clearly defined, what better combination to make the times ahead exhilarating. Our efforts in IOT are currently under development, we shall shortly make announcements on the same.

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