By 2019 CELLBAY Aims to Set up a Chain of 500 Mobile Retail Stores in India

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Mr Rafi Shaik, Managing Director of CELLBAY MOBILES, one of the largest mobile retail chains in India, shares their company’s Mission and Vision, in an interaction with Mobility magazine.


Q. Please brief us about the inception of CELLBAY MOBILES. As a Retail Chain of mobile gadgets, please brief us about the brands and products you retail. Also mention your areas of operation and the number of retail outlets and their spread.

A. M/s. Cellbay Mobiles & Electronics Pvt Ltd is founded by a group of experienced and dedicated persons with good financial strenth and 20 years of in-depth industry experience in mobile retail & distribution. Cellbay Mobiles based out of Hyderabad deals with all prominent brands such as Samsung, Redmi, Oppo, Vivo, Gionee, iPhone, Pixel and more. Today, Cellbay operates over 50 retail stores across Hyderabad & Telangana state offering end-to-end mobile solutions. Operations are carried out by dedicated staff of over 100 and set to expand.

Q. What are the latest trends and challenges in the mobiles market and how you are dealing with these trends? Please brief us about your USPs and your focus for the coming 1 year. What new brands and products do you plan to add to your portfolio in mobile phones & accessories in the near future?

A. The latest trend is 4G technology and we are well-prepared and updated to meet the market demands. We are always ready to capitalize and new trends in time. Our main focus for the coming one year is to open 100 more outlets. In our stores, we keep all the top brands, high-selling models and the models with best features. Challenges are part of every business and we face challenges very effectively by implementing our future-ready strategies. We conduct meetings, analyse the market, implement the best offers on continual basis to keep us ahead of our competitors.

Q. What differentiates CELLBAY from the competitors and what are your merits (USPs) and core business strategies? How do you attract customers to your outlets?

A. CELLBAY is a customer-centric retail chai with proactive outlook. We at CELLBAY first try to judge the customer’s ability to pay, his state of mind whether fixed or flexible, and then suggest hm the right product. Our sustomer-frinedly staff makes the customers feel and understand the positive difference between CELLBAY & others and ensures that every customer has the best shopping experience at cellbay. We display live phones on a gondola to give the first-hand touch, feel-and-try experience for the customers. We display complete range of mobiles, both feature phone and smart phone models. All our A+ showrooms are air-conditioned and manned by professional staff with appealing dress code to offer pleasant ambience to the visitors.

Q. Today, service is very important. Please tell us how you provide service-through the vendor or yourself or a through a third party. 

A. Today, in the industry SERVICE is very important and as customer-friendly retailer chain, we ourselves provide service to the customers through our qualified, well-trained and customer-friendly engineers and technicians. We give regular training to our staff and update them on the best ways to solve the issues and treat the customers.

Q. What is your company’s present growth rate? What are your future plans and where do you want to be in the coming 3 years?

A. We are currently growing at annual rate of 100%. And as I said we are going for a rapid expansion of our retail chain. Our MISSION is to treating every customer as a brand ambassador & guest of CELLBAY. Our VISION is to become No. 1 mobile retail group and the most preferred mobile shopping destination. We want to set up a chain of 500 retail stores in INDIA by 2019.

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