VingaJoy Aims to Become One of the Premium Brands in the Audio, Batter and Charger Segments

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VingaJoy is an India’s prominent Gadget Accessory & Consumer Electronics brand that addresses the needs of ‘Connected Consumers’ and ‘People on the Go’. As a lifestyle brand, VingaJoy provides a wide range of fashionable consumer products like Bluetooth speakers & headphones, chargers, cables, car accessories, care products, surge protectors & other nifty gadget accessories. In an interaction with Mobility magazine, Mr Lalit Arora, Co-Founder, VingaJoy, shares their brands merits, policy, and plans.

Mr Lalit Arora comments, “Currently our flagship device are audio products and our tagline is ‘With VingaJoy, customer can have the ‘JOY’ of music.’ Soon we are coming up the battery products. VingaJoy provides products have all that features the customer expect—style, variety, uniqueness, trendy looks and value for money. We continuously do a lot of research to fulfill the market demands and strategize our deliver the best-in-class.  Today, rural areas are evolving into attractive markets. We are focusing on strong distribution network and a wide variety of products.”

VingaJoy prides itself in providing the most stylish accessories equipped with the latest technology, best-in-class services, and relentless pursuit for innovation. The brand strives to deliver new excitement and entertainment in ways that only VingaJoy can. VingaJoy aims to delight the modern-day youth with high-tech gadgets that enhance their experience.

VingaJoy is a brand of masses with over 400 distributors and present in 500 cities across India. Down the line, we want to make VingaJoy as a force in the Indian accessories market. VingaJoy aims to provide the superior and the wide range of products to the consumers. VingaJoy caters to the needs of the consumers with the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology at affordable prices.

Mr Lalit Arora adds, “Right now the objective is to establish in the Indian market and expand our reach to every corner of the country. Considering the present day hectic lifestyles, VingaJoy’s objective is to help the Indian youth stay fit. Going with the present trend, we are updating ourselves on digital platforms and social media to create an engaging customer-base.”

Mr Lalit Arora concludes, “All our products of VingaJoy are gaining traction in the India market, but the best selling among them are Bluetooth speakers, batteris and chargers. We update and integrate new features into our products on continually to make them more customer-friendly and look trendy. Due to Covid-19, opportunity in the home theater segment has increased several-fold. We will launch more solutions in the home theater and entertainment segments in the coming times. In addition to T1 cities, we are currently focusing T2 &T3 cities offering high-quality mobile accessories at affordable prices. We try to provide unique products. Usually it takes about 8 years for an accessories brand to get set into the minds of the users. We just started 4 years back and witnessed good growth and received encouraging feedback from the customers. And we are very hopeful that we will grow further in the coming 4 years and we will be among the top accessories brands in audio, battery and charger segments of mobile accessories in India in the coming years.”

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