Mr Mandeep Arora, Co-Founder, VingaJoy

VingaJoy Appoints Ms. Jacqueline Fernandez as Brand Ambassador and Plans to Launch Many New Cutting-Edge Mobile Accessories

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VingaJoy, a renowned gadget accessory and consumer electronics brand, provides a wide range of fashionable consumer products like Bluetooth speakers & headphones, chargers, cables, car accessories, care products etc. In an interaction with Mobility Magazine, Mr Mandeep Arora, Co-Founder, VingaJoy (a sister brand of UBON) discusses their brand’s association with ambassador, Ms. Jaqueline Fernandez, and their plans to keep pace with the changing market scenario. 

Q. How excited are you with the appointment of Jacquline Fernandes as brand ambassador?

The actress and leading fashionista, Ms. Jacqueline Fernandez is associated with peace, fitness and motivation. She is a very well-known icon among Indian youth and is known for her motivation capabilities. Along with her we want to make our punchline – Be loud, Be proud – sound louder.  Our collaboration with Ms. Fernandez is aimed at creating increased brand awareness in the younger consumer base. In line with the spirit of the brand, Jacqueline Fernandez was a unanimous choice as she represents the energy of the youth. Being a new-age actor, she is an embodiment of the choice and preference of the young crowd specifically in the consumer-centric domain. The brand is focused towards being the first choice of millennials offering cutting-edge earphones, headphones, speakers, travel chargers and premium rugged cables that seamlessly integrate into the youth’s style statement.

Q. What new initiatives are expected from Vingajoy?

Vingajoy is all about quality. We are looking forward to launching some exclusive audio speakers, PD charges, and home theatres. We want to be a mover in every category that we are in right now.  

Q. How pandemic affected the demand for home audio products?

The demand for accessories has increased at a rapid pace due to pandemic. The pandemic has fuelled the national sentiments amongst the people. Now the customers are more inclined to buy Make in India products. Our motto is to give employment to many people in India itself.

Q. What new product are you launching?

VingaJoy plans to launch power banks with 65 Volts, 45 rechargers, and solar panels. We are continuously providing the most stylish accessories equipped with the latest technology, best-in-class services, and relentless pursuit for innovation. The brand strives to deliver new excitement and entertainment in ways that only VingaJoy can. VingaJoy aims to delight the modern-day youth with high-tech gadgets that enhance their experience.

Q. Brief us about the Vingajoy’s channel network?

It needs about 7 years for any brand to create an impact in the minds of consumers. Vingajoy is nascent as it is about 4 years old only. We have 100 network distributors. We have covered 5% of our journey and 95% is yet to be covered.

Q. What is your R&D strategy?

VingaJoy is a brand of masses that weaves innovation into products. Keeping in mind the needs of the consumer, we try to give them the best of technological breakthroughs at affordable prices.

Q. Which are your target market areas?  How the Indian consumers are evolving in their attitudes towards quality and price?

The youth has a lot of disposable income today and they don’t have to depend on their parents for support. We would like to go to tier 2 and 3 cities. We have territory distributors which is an advantage we want to leverage. 

Q. What service support and warranty are you giving?  

VingaJoy is a brand of masses with over 700 service providers. We are focused on offering the best service to people. For power banks, speakers and chargers, we have a warranty of 6 months to 1 year. We strive to give the best possible quality and service to our consumers. 

Q. What is your message to your partners and customers?

Stay strong and keep working hard! A lot of categories are yet to come from us.

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